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Do women want to kill the Caveman or Chivalry?

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Do women want to kill the caveman or chivalry?I walked into a Hutch shop to pay an overdue bill and had to do some waiting. As I waited I indulged in my favourite pastime. People Watching. My eye was caught by a rather distinguished looking man sitting at a table, sorting out his billing problems on the phone. Pleasant looking. Nice man. I wondered, he sure looked it.

Then my turn came and I approached the counter to speak to the counter staff about my bill. Before I could actually sit in the chair that was indicated, Mr.Nice Guy hurried over, charged ahead of me and quickly lowered himself into the chair. He studiously avoided looking my way, as if pretending he hadn’t noticed me. I fought down my very real irritation, bit my tongue before it found something characteristically acid to say, and retreated.

The man at the counter smiled apologetically at me and said ‘So sorry Madam, I will be with you in a minute’. That really set me thinking. My beat-you-to-the-counter friend had fallen on his keister as far as his image in MY eyes went!! And the simple sales guy had taken on a distinct hint of polish.

I was suddenly reminded of an even more revealing encounter a few years ago. My mother and I were walking into the Taj lobby, and as I held open the glass doors for her, I was shocked to find we had got entangled with a long procession of suits and imposing looking posse of executives who had quite obviously come out of an important conference.

To this day I still can’t quite believe what happened next. take a guess. Did one of those gorgeous CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs or CTOs step aside gallantly and hold the door open for us two ladies? Think again. As I held open the door for my mother, picture our shock as one of them walked through. My mother’s eyebrows started climbing. Another suit walked through. (Let me reassure you that we were not dressed like hotel staff! In fact we were both looking very casual, breezy and rather nice that day!). And before our dazed, horrified and disbelieving eyes, the entire procession of suits walked through that door, being held open by a young woman, with an old lady waiting to go through.

In retrospect I wish I had had the guts to slam the door in their faces, but I am too well brought up. I think my mother gasped. Well really! but skins that thick are unlikely to prickle at something like that!

To those of you haven’t figured it out, if chivalry is dead, it isn’t women who killed it. In fact, even the good old caveman is rather sighed and longed for. okay maybe we’re all a bit too hair-conscious to acquiesce with the dragging- the-little woman- by -the -hair-routine when he is feeling like a spot of rough-and-tumble. But there’s no escaping the fact that the caveman type is protective, he makes you feel small and helpless and stuff like that, which is okay now and then (and all women know that when they want to be taken more seriously, they know how to do it).

What people tend to forget, is that women’s lib was about getting freedom from the suppression and oppression, not from the good stuff!! Men who make those little gestures, hold open doors, offer you a seat, and show that they respect you, will always be winners wherever they go, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And as irritating as it may be, the ?You relax while I take care of things? attitude is a lot more welcome than the ?I’ll relax while YOU take care of things? attitude from a man!! All you have to do is try the latter for a while and your teeth will soon be on edge.

So ladies, SOMETIMES, it’s okay to bat your lashes, cook an old fashioned meal and make the men feel like tigers.I’d rather have a tiger than a skunk!

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Responses to Do women want to kill the Caveman or Chivalry?

  1. 1 Sereen J Thottan

    “Chivalry” is definitely gone with the wind. It’s not only about men opening door’s for women but also happening to notice there are others in queue. Sometime you just need to tell them on their face for it to register in their grey cells. At times we women have to toss the myth “dainty darlings” out of the window.


  2. 2 Brok_Homz

    Chivalry is NOT completely dead. I personally (and I know Im not the only one) still have the heart of chivalrious (if thats a word) man. We want to respect women and we want to protect them. There are STILL good men out there, but it is a rare attribute. My own father is a good example of one though.

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