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Your relationship is as healthy as you are!

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MigrainesSo, what has health got to do with good relationships?

Everything! And that’s a fact. Your physical state is so deeply linked to your mental and emotional state, to start with. Feel good and you are sure to look good. Look good and it makes you feel good!! So the vibes you send out are cool and confident and you take life as it comes.

But if you are NOT feeling good, it just about affects every aspect of your life. And your relationships. Let’s take a look at a few cases.

Meghna gets migraines. They come on suddenly, without warning and make her so miserable, she ends up throwing up, and all she wants is a dark room and silence, but she won’t get treated for it. When she started going out with Ravi, he thought she was the sun, moon and stars. And then one day, wham!, it happened.

She got a really bad migraine while they were out at a restaurant, with plans to see a movie after. In no time at all, she was pushing her food away, running to the restroom, and as she felt too uncomfortable about telling Ravi she suffered from migraines, she cooked up a lame excuse about having to get back home fast. Result? Ravi felt rejected, thought it was something he had done. Then they were fine again, but more and more often Meghna would make excuses, until she almost became a recluse. Lucky for her Ravi cared enough to talk to one of her pals and once he got the story, he gently got her to see a specialist and choose a course of treatment that agreed with her. As her migraines decreased, her zest for life returned and their friends are expecting wedding bells anyday!!

And so it goes all the little ups and downs in our bodies that cause us to go out of sync with our partners. Hormonal imbalances can account for really unreasonable behaviour, depression, weepy moods. High blood pressure is often the unseen cause of anger, tension, lost tempers and fatigue.

A poor diet can lead to such a long list of ills that you could think you are really unwell. Chronic diarrohea, gas, listlessness, at best these symptoms make you kind of lose interest in life. At worst they can cause a great deal of discomfort and even embarrassment. That makes you hold back in a relationship, hold back from spontaneous behaviour, even intimate moments.

What’s the solution? Simple. Check up and treat any ailments that come your way. Take some form of regular exercise, a good work-out, a walk or jog, yoga. Choose what suits you best. Eat a healthy, balanced diet, with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and a good amount of healthy proteins. Take a vitamin supplement (ask your doctor) or a herbal supplement to boost you up during long working days.

Never let your health problems overtake your life, or cause stress and anxiety to you or your partner. Talk it over, work it out, get treated. Healthy people are beautiful people and life just feels really good to them.

Author: Devika

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