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Men break your heart

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Men break yout heartEvery student who had the privilege to study under Miss Rosalind had harboured one great desire. To be noticed by this beautiful lady! Inspired by her high standards, we were prepared to do anything.

A tall statesque lady of amazing beauty, Miss Rosalind was the best all-rounder teacher we had. Good manners and exemplary character meant a lot to her. Her perfection made us feel gauche and uncivilized often but etiquette was a subject that could not be trifled with in her eyes.  

Aspiring to be a replica of Miss Rosalind in every way became everyone’s dream. Sometimes when we seniors sat and chatted amongst ourselves, we often asked each other why Miss Rosalind was still unattached. I always expressed my belief that there was probably no man good enough for Miss Rosalind and everyone would heartily agree. Unlike the other teachers she did not go home but stayed in the hostel section of the school. Some girls claimed that since she was a Portuguese, her home might be too far away for her to travel every day. But such was the respect and awe in which we held her in that none of us ever dared to ask her anything of a personal nature.

Compared to most of my friends I was the least studious. So it was surprising why Miss Rosalind seemed to have an obvious preference for me. I was never asked difficult questions in class, never made to do anything, which daunted me. All my friends envied me but somewhere in my heart I felt I was not worthy of Miss Rosalind’s affection.

Soon it was time for us to move out of school and move on to the next chapter of our lives – college.  Despite all the promises we made, I was too caught up in the momentum of the exhilarating change in my life to visit Miss Rosalind as often as I had once intended to. And slowly over time, the visits petered into monthly get-togethers and finally an occasional lunch or dinner during Christmas or New Year. But Miss Rosalind was always charming and gracious, as I had known her to be. So it was after a long lapse of time that we finally got together. 

I had grown into a lady after Miss Rosalind’s own heart – sensitive and well mannered. She seemed to have aged suddenly. Her cheeks looked sunken and her eyes seemed to have lost their glow. “Sera, I have something important to tell you. You are young and attractive and I’m proud of the way you’ve turned out to be. But I want you to be wise and sensible too. Be careful of men. Even the best of them are too self-centered. They will break your heart if you are not careful.” Fatigue suddenly overtook her and she got up abruptly, saying, “I’m not feeling too well.” That was the last time I spoke to her. Two days later Miss Rosalind passed away in her sleep.

She had left behind a letter for me.

“My dear Sera, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you this before but I was once in love. Madly so. He was the most charming young man I had ever met. He was a pilot. And I loved him so much that I got carried away by his promises of forever love. I allowed myself to be seduced without being prepared for the consequences. One day I discovered I was pregnant and I believed the news would thrill him. But he disappeared forever from my life, never to be seen again. I could not bring myself to abort the child. It was a girl and because I was so young, I had to give her up for adoption. But I managed to keep track of her. I later learned that a very wonderful couple adopted her. I am so happy Sera that you’ve grown into someone so lovely. You darling, are my daughter!”  


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    Deeply touched!!!!

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