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Hey i had this crazy dream…

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DreamsIf you dream of seeing (or ‘yuk’ being covered in) a whole lot of, ‘er’ faeces, better celebrate when you wake up. Chances are you are in for some kind of a windfall, and there is a good amount of material gain in store for you!!

Sounds crazy! Just try checking out your dreams in future, and you will be amazed at how clearly prophetic they can be, and not just that. Very often your dreams warn or guide you out of trouble, give you sound advice, or make evident something you have been hiding from. You don’t have to be a Ph.D in anything to interpret your dreams. Just be aware of a few things, buy yourself a book and learn to interpret. It could really change your life.

Take, for instance, the faeces dream years ago, when my business was heading for a huge growth spurt, I started having these disgusting dreams!

In my dreams, I would open doors and see piles of excrement!! I used to wake up really disturbed, thinking I needed help, and then one day I found The Dreamer’s Dictionary, and looked it up and boy was I relieved (and incredulous) to read that I was due a lot of money. And it came!! And all through that period, I used to have those dreams. Years later, when I suffered financial reverses, I remember thinking ‘Hey tonight I am going to concentrate on dreaming of you-know-what? but not once did my dreams oblige me!!

Anyway, if you are inclined to be a believer, go ahead and have a bit of fun. Here are some common dream interpretations:

Death. This dream scares most people, but its interpretation is reassuring. If you dreamed of being dead yourself, it means a release from worries, or recovery from an illness. If you spoke with someone who is dead, you will soon hear good news. A dream of a death could often signify news of a birth.

Drowning. An unfortunate omen pertaining to business losses, unless you were revived or rescued, in which case a friend will bail you out.

Earthquake. A rare dream with varied meanings. If you live in an earthquake zone, it means minor difficulties need to be overcome. But for others it indicates a complete change of circumstances and environment, which, through perseverance, will lead to happiness.

Fame. This is a dream of contrary and if you dreamed of being famous it suggests you are trying to grasp something beyond your means.

Family. Dreaming of a large and happy family means an upswing in all your interests.

Eating fat. Success in love affairs!!

Garbage. Future success!

Heartburn. A warning to cut down on high living in low places!

Homosexual. If the dreamer is heterosexual this indicates deep insecurity regarding the opposite sex. Professional psychological advice would be beneficial.

Intestines. If you dreamed of your own intestines, you are under physical strain; get more rest. If there was pain, see a doctor soon.

Loneliness. An omen of contrary. If you dreamed you were lonely, you soon won’t be!

Pain. If you are sure this dream was not due to a physical source, (indigestion, cramps, something pressing on you) then the meaning depends on the location of the pain: general all-over pain means success. Pain in a limb means embarrassment due to your actions, in the heart, marital or romantic problems, in the throat, a warning against gossip, in the chest, financial gain.

Park. A public park means exciting love affairs!

Water. Clean, clear water is a good omen; murky water signifies difficulties.

Interpreting. As a general rule, any action or event in which you are an observer is a warning. In dreams where you actually take part in the drama the interpretation will have direct bearing on your life and actions. Clean or shiny objects or conditions are good omens; dirty or dull ones forecast obstacles or difficulties.

Going up indicates success, going down signifies reverses. Successful efforts in a dream are a good omen, unsuccessful efforts mean difficulties, except in those cases where ‘contrary’ is indicated.

If a dream involves an illness to the dreamer, it is advisable to have a medical check-up.

When do you take your dreams seriously?

NOT after too much pizza and certainly not after a night of heavy drinking. Those dreams are more likely to be of the ‘indigestion’ variety!

If you are going through a period of anxiety, grief or stress, your dreams could be a direst link to that and may not be prophetic at all. Dreams during illness or fever must be discounted.

Also dreams concerning your everyday activities need to be carefully interpreted. For example, if you work among animals, then the common interpretation of animals appearing in dreams may not apply. But when you have a distinct dream, after a restful night’s sleep, it is really worth trying to remember all the elements, looking them all up and attempting to interpret their significance. It is a fascinating hobby, and with acquired expertise could actually enrich your life.

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