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Together on the road of Love

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On the road of loveIt is no accident or coincidence that some of the most romantic films, that have captured our imagination and tugged at our heartstrings, from ‘Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin’ to DDLJ and others, show a couple traveling together, going through adventures that make them see how important they are to each other’s life.

Being together on life’s journey is an important experience that brings out many of the qualities that we admire in our partners. The romance of travel, exposing us as it does to scenes and settings quite removed from our day-to-day world, enhances the experience of love between two people Or does it?

The awesome views, balmy weather, and freedom from work-related worries does make us more receptive to finding love when we are on vacation.

Alternatively, being on a fun outing with friends or relatives, we may find one particular person more concerned with our comfort, more considerate and caring than the rest. And before we can say it aloud, the heart may have zoomed in on that particular person as our potential partner.

But sometimes, just the opposite can happen. We may take off for a four day break with friends from college or office, including the person we most cherish at that moment. And the trip could be an unmitigated disaster! We may find the loved one has no idea of how to arrange for tea on a freezing hillside, or has a shrill laugh that erupts at the most inappropriate occasions, or gets so drunk in the first 24 hours that we want nothing to do with them for the remaining time!

Travel can be a test of many things! our manners and courtesy, our physical fitness, our curiosity and tolerance for the world and its people (or, alternatively, our arrogance and ignorance!). If we pass the test well, we find a stronger place in the heart of the one we love. If we flunk, we have to work doubly harder back in the everyday environment to recover lost ground.

It is better to be aware of such possibilities before we take off into the blue (or green) yonder with a potential partner. In case you are planning such a trip, keep in mind the following:

  • Volume of luggage is an important consideration. Don’t carry huge amounts and expect your partner to lug it around, or so little that you have to borrow a fellow bus rider’s tooth paste! Try and carry some remedies for possible emergencies.
  • Keep a close watch on the intake. Drinking too much in an alien environment is a straight no-no, and a real put-off for your partner. However much you may be in the mood to unwind, find some other ways to do it rather than sloshing in the stuff.
  • Take care with the conversation. Don’t talk a blue streak around a partner who may just want to look silently at the sights, or take a small, restful nap, or just breathe in the air! Too much talk can kill the poetry and romance associated with some places, specially holy and sacred sites.
  • Use touch in significant ways. Holding hands, or putting an arm around your companion’s shoulder, or cuddling up against the cold, are important ways to cement a feeling of closeness and shared experience. Sheltering another with your body is also an important form of love in an emergency situation.

Here’s hoping that your shared journeys with a loved one all have happy endings!


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