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Scrapbook of Memories

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Scrapbook of MemoriesIt’s a rainy Sunday afternoon and he’s feeling unsettled. Having got up late, he’s still feeling a strong urge to get right back under the covers. The exhaustion of several days, rather weeks, seems to be catching up with him…

She too, seems to have a touch of the blues. Is she missing her family – the boisterous brother and crazy sister whom she fought like mad with about the TV and computer? Is she still upset about a silly fight they had last week when he and she went out Diwali shopping? Its hard to tell, but they both mope around, exchanging barely a sentence or two, as the rain continues to beat down on a grey day. Hardly the way a couple married just last year should act on a holiday.

And then, she goes looking for something in the bedside drawer and finds an old album of photographs instead – his album. “When did you have those sideburns?” she asks him, looking at a photograph. “How different you look! They made you look at least forty!”

Roused to interest by her remarks, he says, “Oh that was in my third year of engineering. I was so excited about the hair on my face finally growing fast enough for a decent ‘evening shadow’ that I decided to let my sideburns grow long. Those pictures must be from our excursion to Mudumalai.” He joins her at the album, that she is now turning slowly, with a smile or a giggle at each photo from his student days.

Soon they have a mug of steaming tea each, as they have pulled out other albums to pore over and enjoy – her receiving prizes at school for dance and music, his posing with a giant Alsatian, the only pet his family ever allowed him. As the afternoon grows, his tiredness is forgotten. The interest she shows in sharing moments of his past have revived him, made him happy to share more details. She is not missing her family so much now – because she can recount the incidents with her brother and sister to a husband who is still, after all, getting to know her.

The hours pass too quickly – they have never known a more delightful Sunday. At the end of it, they are snuggled close together in front of the TV, watching a movie. Even the damp and uninspiring evening outside cannot disturb their mood of quiet contentment.

Sounds fanciful? Its actually a scene replayed from my own life, wherein I discovered the power of shared memories to build and sustain a relationship. After all, when we get married, we are choosing to spend a life with a person whom we have met already formed, so to speak. What does this person most like or dislike? What his or her hopes and fears have been at different moments in life is a mosaic we only gradually piece together over the years spent together. Photo albums, diaries, scrapbooks and souvenirs hold clues to our partners that we would do well to pause and consider some time. They tug at our emotions in important and often healing ways.

You never know, you may be very mad at a husband for something he has done or not done, and just finding a picture of him as a child where his sister had dressed him up like a girl may make you smile and forgive him!

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    Sometimes it is just best to climb back into bed and start the day over.

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