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Hey dude, are you ready for marriage?

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Ready for Marriage?Mom has been after you to settle down. Says she wants to see her grandchildren before she breathes her last. Dad too has been saying pretty much the same thing.

Your best friend has just tied the knot and it’s been a nice experience visiting him and his new wife; watching her fuss over your friend has kindled a hitherto unacknowledged desire in you to have someone young and pretty as your companion as well. The only difference is that you want a working woman, smart and hep, able to claim her own space in this world.

If you’re really thinking of marriage, don’t take a wild plunge. Make it an informed plunge so that you know just what to expect of marriage and your mate. After all you’re intelligent and wise enough to know that you don’t want to be just married. You want to be happily married. But before you map your way into this entirely new territory, you must ask yourself one question – why do I want to get married and what kind of woman do I want as my life-partner? Once you have your answer, ask yourself yet another question… What are the kind of adjustments I am willing to make to accommodate this new person in my life and make our marriage a mutually happy experience?

While you work on your plans, goals and agenda, you need to remember a very important and vital fact — this working woman, this new age partner of yours, is a woman who has been exposed to a set of circumstances and situations very different perhaps from those experienced by the most important woman in your life so far (your mother!). 

Your wife-to-be is an empowered woman by virtue of both education and earning ability. She comes to you with her dreams and aspirations in tow in the hope that you will respect her wishes just as much as she is willing to respect yours.

The kitchen might be a place she used to visit once in a while at her mother’s home though she is prepared to play the role of part-time homemaker to ensure that there is food on the table and well-washed and ironed clothes for you to wear before she takes off for her workplace. It will take her time to adjust to your routine. Be prepared to chip in so that the transition from ‘maikey’ to ‘sasural’ is a smooth one.

You have to be willing to extend to her the same degree of understanding you’d expect from her, when late working hours and punishing deadlines keep her back longer than usual. And when she hands you your morning cuppa appreciate that it’s a service without pay that’s being rendered. After all it can’t be easy being servant, cook, wife, mother, daughter-in-law and working person, all rolled in one.

Then comes the issue of space and independence. It’s not that you cannot continue to be independent but with the independence of old comes a new responsibility. If you want to have a trusting and healthy marriage, you have to be amenable to sharing everything and everyone that is a part of your life.

A working woman will invariably have her own set of friends and colleagues of both sexes. If you are a possessive type, a scenario like this might stir latent insecurities and jealousy in you when you see your wife sharing equal space with her male colleagues.

Carefully consider how much you’re willing to accept and live with. Would you be mature enough to handle this situation with the equanimity it calls for?

Every woman, working or otherwise, gets into marriage for the sole purpose of enjoying a happy married life with the man she has chosen for life. This is the most important relationship she will ever have and she would want it to be a great success for which she is willing to give her level best.

She is prepared to stand by her man. Question is, does her man have it in him to stand by his wife and give her the support and understanding she deserves?

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