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The Awakening

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The AwakeningShe hated the monsoons. They had an uncanny way of making her feel lonely and depressed. Now as she lay in bed feeling the way she did, she reached out for her husband seeking the safe haven of his arms only to draw it back and cross it tightly against her chest when she remembered that as usual Jatin was working late. So, she reached out for the telephone and after a few rings she heard the same warm familiar voice say ,”Hello honey, missing me? Will be there in half an hour. “The phone went dead.

Sumita was at once overwhelmed and dumbfounded. The shadow of a smile hovered around her lips and she thought,” how this guy always manages to have his way.” As she put the receiver back in its cradle she heard the door knob turning. Her heart missed a beat. As she stepped out of bed she heard the heavy footsteps of her husband climbing the stairs. Then he entered the room beaming like a sixteen year old. His hands behind him and a mischievous smile on his lips. With one giant step he was in front of her. Before she could open her mouth to speak he swept her into his arms and showered her with rose petals and kissed her deeply. And the next thing she knew was that they were making love.

As they lay completely spent in each other’s arms a tear escaped her eyes. She sat up resting on one elbow and looked tenderly at Jatin who was fast asleep now and whispered,” why Jatin?’

As if he heard her Jatin gathered her into his arms and said, “ I don’t know why I went with her. But, what I do know that this is where I belong. This is my home. I will not ask you to forgive me. Neither will I ask you to forget. But, I will tell you to believe that that this one incident has shown me if there is one person I want to share everything with then it is you.”

Sumita felt cheated. Her first impulse was to walk out of the relationship. Several contradictory thoughts crossed her mind. No matter what happens between us, here is a man who has always been there for me, he is someone who touches my heart every time he reaches out to touch my hand she thought.

Again a voice inside her said that’s all right. But, what is the guarantee that he won’t do this again and then sweet talk you into continuing the relationship. She tried to put the thoughts aside and sleep. But sleep eluded her. She could not make up her mind. On the one hand was her feminine ego while on the other was a loving relationship she had given her all to build.

She left the bed and paced the floor of the drawing room. Finally settling down with a magazine. The article read “do I create my own reality?” It goes on to say that every person has the ability to create his or her own reality. If you feel you don’t like the reality you have the power to change it. While the whole concept is very appealing on the one hand yet it also feels unjust when you think about people struggling to stay alive or fight life-threatening illnesses. Can we assume they created their own realities too?

Sumita put the magazine down and walked towards the bedroom. And as she walked out dragging her little overnighter behind her. Her steps were steady and confident- the stride of an empowered woman ready to recreate her reality.

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