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Make-up Magic

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Make-up MagicNot chalky nor clown like, neither washed out nor over-done - bridal make up is all about a deft hand and presence of mind. Some guidelines for the bride to be doing her own makeup on that special day.

People may say never judge a book by its cover or appearances are deceptive. But when it comes to the wedding day, all this advise goes unheeded because each bride wants to look her very best, and will leave no stones unturned for the perfect look.

Where does a bride start? The list of things to do can be daunting and it’s easy to forget something important in the last-minute rush. Here’s some advice for the bride-to-be before that special day:

Deciding to do your own make-up is a great idea, after all no one knows your face better than you do. While most make-up artists tend to slap on the pancake, you may not be comfortable with all that goop on your face. So taking charge is the first step toward a beautiful you.

Do a trial run and time it to see how long it will take on the actual day. Add some more time to allow for delays and interruptions and don’t forget to include the time taken for a shower or a relaxing bath.

You might need to make a list of all of the styling tools and products you will need. Remember to buy a fresh stock of items that are running out, you don’t want to be caught at the last minute without hair spray or eyeliner!

If you are doing your own make-up, first put on your lingerie and then wear a bathrobe. This way you can slip into your outfit after you are done with your powders and sprays, and you minimize the risk of getting any make-up on your precious clothes.

Remember that make-up is supposed to enhance your features; to highlight and define the desiarble features and downplay the not-so-attractive ones. Make-up should never be applied like a mask or else it will have an effect exactly opposite to the one you anted to create in the first place.

The best canvas is a clean one, so make sure that your face is free from grime. Prime it with a moisturiser that you are accustomed to using and which suits your skin type. Many brides wear a new moisturiser for this day and end up having an allergic reaction.

Apply concealer to those under-eye circles, on acne scars and blemishes and on those nose-to-mouth lines. Blend this with a foundation that matches your skin tone. The smartest way to shop for foundation that won’t leave you looking like a geisha is to test it on your jaw-line.

Once that is done, blend the foundation and the concealer well so that it matches the colour of the skin on your neck. Blending can be done with fingers or a make-up sponge, available in all shapes and sizes.

Apply blush with a less than generous hand, you want to look like a blushing bride and not like you’re being cooked alive. If you are tanned or have a dark complexion, a bronzer will make your skin glow. For those of you with a lighter complexion, a hint of colour will brighten your face. Always keep in mind that less is more, you can add more blush later if it is less, but taking off excess blush will ruin your foundation.

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul and when your sweetheart is gazing into yours during the ceremony, you want him to be drowning in your limpid pools not staring at your clotted lashes.

So if you’re unused to wearing eyeliner and kajal, don’t wait till the last moment to give it a shot. In this case, as with all make-up, practice makes perfect.

Ensure that your eyebrows are in good shape and neatly groomed. Eyebrows form a frame for the eyes and everyone knows a bad frame can ruin even the most beautiful picture. Brush on loose powder or use an eye shadow base before applying shadow.

This will help prevent creasing and smudging. Start applying color in the outer corner and work your way in, blending carefully. A light-colored powder can be used to highlight the brow bone and the inner eye.

To line your eyes, start at the outer corner. It may help to pull the skin taut. Use your liner right at the lash line and draw a line to where your lashes thin out. It may help to draw a few short lines and connect them, rather than one long continuous line.

Even if you have never used an eyelash curler, you should consider it for your wedding day. It has an instant eye-opening effect. Starting at the base of the lashes, gently squeeze and hold the curler for few seconds. Repeat, moving down the lashes.

Finally, apply waterproof mascara, also starting at the base and using a zigzag motion to colour all the lashes. For a slightly exotic look, concentrate on applying mascara to the very last outer lashes. Use a lash comb to remove any lumps.

And finally the most important part - your pucker. Keep your pout moisturized and soft with the help of lip balm the day before so that your lipstick can glide onto your lips instead of flaking and peeling.

Dust your lips with powder first, line them with a nude lip liner or one the same color as your lipstick and then fill in with a lip brush. Now blot with a tissue and apply some gloss for a high-power shine.

There is no greater satisfaction than a job well done and the compliments will certainly come showering down when it is known that you have done your own make-up.

Be aware though, that if you are planning to have photographs taken and video-shooting done, your make-up will need to be a little on the dramatic side to define your features on camera.

Keep that in mind and put your best foot forward, after all, it is your day!

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