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The Lucky Young Things

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The Lucky Young ThingsMeet Jenny. Young, attractive and articulate, Jenny is typical of today’s youth – a pretty vocal member of a very self-centered world. Her philosophy – ME, MYSELF and MINE – is also the credo of her generation.

Focused on her chosen track of professional success and financial independence, she unabashedly admits, “I can accept nothing but the best. My clothes have to be the best. My cell phone and all my personal belongings are top class brands. My husband too is a classy man. Nothing but the best for him, wife included!”

Her determination to stand head and shoulders above the rest in every respect may rankle with her more sedate, older colleagues but so what and who cares anyway? A single child from a nuclear family of working parents, Jenny has never known what it is to share space or luxuries with siblings or cousins. She does manage to ruffle a few feathers here and there, but despite her self-centredness, Jenny is smart enough to know how far she can go with the “I’m the only thing that matters to me” attitude.

Devika, Jenny’s less fortunate older colleague envies the latter her outright flirtation with herself. Says Devika, “It’s so bugging to hear her brag about everything that revolves around her. It’s so blatantly narcissistic but that’s what youngsters are all about today. They’re damn lucky.”

Yes, Jenny sure is one of those lucky young things who have it all. Opportunity. Options. The freedom to choose. Support systems that act as powerful launch pads, an enviable no-holds-barred kind of aggression and the ability to articulate their desires and feelings with amazing clarity… these are the youngsters of today for whom the world is truly their oyster.

They ooze with confidence. You only have to watch the cool dude, M.S. Dhoni to know what I’m talking about. There’s a cocky air of ‘This is what I want and this is how I plan to get it,’ about most young people today. It makes me wonder whether we’d had got it all wrong. Whether there’s a different way to woo success, different from what people of my time and my world were familiar with.

Meher, a bright young single lady from Bombay believes that successful people have an agenda, a plan of action and lots of gumption. “Once they identify what they want – whether it’s money, fame or success – they just go for it. They never make silly excuses. They never say ‘I don’t have the resources or I don’t have the time. Look at Shah Rukh Khan!’ Prioritizing comes easily to such people.”

There is a certain resilience and ruthlessness that characterize the youth of today. Brand conscious and highly aspirational in terms of lifestyle and career, they refuse to settle for anything less than what they want or less stylish than what their peers have. Says 20 year old Rahul, “If I want something that my parents can’t give me, I simply set it as my top priority and then just put in the time and find ways to earn enough to acquire it.”

His friend, Prannoy adds, “we can’t control time, but we can control what we do with our time.”

Amazingly sensible of course for one so young. It does get me to wonder what kind of a sensibility and attitude such kind of focused, self-centered people will bring to the marriage table! They just might view marriage as one more goal to be met and learn to make a huge success of it, who knows!

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