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Your love nest…

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Romantic bedroomStarting with the sense of touch, and then, considering the rest of the senses; evaluate your bedroom. For, a romantic bedroom can set the mood for the evening. An uncomfortable bed or a noisy bedroom spoil all the precious romantic moment.

Your bedroom is more than a room. If a drawing or a living room is a projection of your self image, then bedroom is an extension of your innermost feelings. A romantic bedroom should please all of the senses. It should work wonders to enhance intimacy and comfort. You should think of innovative ways to transform your bedroom into a love nest that appeals to each of your five senses. And the sixth one - your instinct.


The focal point of any bedroom is the bed. Make it as cozy as possible. Luxurious bed sheets and plush pillows are wonderful. The real key to your overall comforts is a mattress, which support your entire weight. Ensure you have one that feels heavenly and caresses both you and your partner.

So that you get up every morning charged up for the day.


Lighting should make ambience soothing and not jarring. Use soft and filtered lights instead of bright lights, which are good for a study room. Use lower wattage light bulbs or those with a soft hue. And, for special evenings, nothing can be more romantic than warm glow of candles!


Wipe the light bulbs with a thin coat of perfumed oil and send calming or sensual scents throughout the bedroom. You may also experiment by sprinkling talcum powder on bed-sheets. Scents like lavender and rosemary add to the air of romance.


Keep your favorite CDs at your fingertips. Soft music, playing in the backdrop, is one of the easiest ways to elevate your mood. Keep distractions such as the television in another room.


Keep champagne, citrus fruits, strawberries, cream, etc. at an arm’s length for a late-night indulgence. And ensure a romantic evening at home.

The sixth sense

The most important of all sense is your instinct. Make sure all that you do to make your bedroom the best place to be in pleases you. Don’t try to copy anyone but ensure you make it as per your wishes, desires and fantasies.

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