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The significance of Honeymoon

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Significance of HoneymoonThe word for honey is “meala” in Irish. The word for honeymoon, is “mi na meala” the “month of honey,” and refers to how the bride and groom spend that period of time following their marriage.

Irish monks first produced a fermented honey brew called “mead” for medicinal purposes, then found it could make people feel better. Following the wedding, a sufficient amount of mead was given to the bride and groom, along with special goblets, so they could share the unique brew for one full moon after their wedding, thus the term honeymoon was coined.

It was believed that this delicate yet potent drink was the best way to ensure a good beginning for a new marriage, and was also believed to endow powers of virility and fertility.

A honeymoon, then, is an introductory offer to the newly-weds to enter into their marital life by understanding each other emotionally and intimately.

The togetherness that it brings them in the absence of their respective families helps them bond better and get through many crises in their lives.

In other respects, a honeymoon can actually be described as the laboratory wherein both, through mutual interactions, try to understand each other. This is a period of probation to understand the changed socio-sexual values for them on account of the marriage. This is an opportunity to learn not just the factors that bind them together but also those that could tear them asunder.

In fact, a couple honeymooning would quickly realize the differences in each other’s approach, attitudes and perceptions and give them the patience and strength to cope with these through empathy, compromise, and adaptability on the sexual plane. One could easily term it as a classroom where the couple teaches each other the basics that help lead a happy conjugal life.

It is for this reason that marriage counselors often say that a honeymoon need not necessarily be constrained to newly-weds alone. In fact, whenever, any couple feels the requisite for better understanding, they can take a short break for another honeymoon to develop stronger intimacy to sort out intricacies.

Although this concept has been adapted from the Western world, it makes all the more sense for us South Asians to look at a Honeymoon as an integral part of wedding planning, so we get to know our life partners better. People spend so much time, effort, and money for their wedding, yet they often forget to take time out for themselves.

There could be several reasons why South Asians do not give the concept of honeymoons the seriousness it deserves. For starters, if they live in another country and they are getting married in India, the practice is to spend their entire vacation time at the wedding and then visiting friends and relatives an arrangement that leaves very little time for the couple to understand each other.

The couples or their parents who plan the wedding may not plan it within their budget, meaning the honeymoon often takes a back seat. But the most common reason that one finds among Indian families is that they do not believe that a honeymoon is an integral part of a marriage, with many usually considering it as an optional extra.

And last, but not the least, is the fact that information about destinations and the availability of packages to suit every budget is not easily available to some as well.

In fact, it is to break this monotony that the concept of destination weddings is catching up of late with resorts like Sandals and Beaches giving honeymooners so many options with Ultra Luxury, all-Inclusive facilities that a honeymoon or even a wedding can be customized.

Honeymoons, if planned well in advance, can truly be the best part of getting married, as all the stress and ceremonies are over and done with. Depending on the interests of the couple, the time and budget constraints that they have, a good honeymoon consultant can offer various choices, whether it is in and around India or here in the US or even in Europe, the Far East, or, for that matter, Australia!

As part of our efforts to make your marriage a memorable one, we at Desi Match have listed out a few destinations that may be worth considering when your special day comes along.

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