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Destination Romance

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Hawaii SnorkelingThink of the world as your oasis. The world conspires for honeymooners. Every country in the world has options for the tight budgeted as well as the deep pocketed. In terms of popularity, the current top 5 honeymoon destinations are:


It seems like almost everyone prefers the beach to the mountains. Also, the sun seems popular! (Why am I not surprised? I am a sun girl myself) If you want to idiot-proof your honeymoon and choose one of these five options

(Also known as The islands of the Aloha)
Six years ago, everyone seemed to be heading to Hawaii for their honey moon, mention John and Erica who honeymooned at Hawaii six years ago. It seems that not much has changed in the past six years. Hawaii still remains the No. 1 honeymoon destination. We loved the fact that we could go trekking, snorkeling and soak the sun all in one holiday! John and Erica, further add, looking indulgently at each other.

Activities: A collection of six islands, each island has its own unique offering. Maui offers newlyweds any number of romantic moments - including the unforgettable sight of a surfacing whale, biking through wine country, snorkeling the tiny atoll of Molokini, or enjoying a stage production at the Historic ‘Iao Theater. A veritable toy box of activity, Oahu offers honey mooning couples no shortage of entertainment, lodging, cool things to see and do, and quiet places to dine while (yes!) gazing at each other over plumeria-scented candles.

Made for the quieter honey moon, Kauai’s natural beauty more than compensates for its lack of nightlife: Slip away to the North Shore and swim with green sea turtles at Ke’e Beach Park. Sunshine to snow flurries, deep sea diving to stargazing, the Big Island of Hawaii’s more than 4,000 square miles of variety offer the world in a microcosm. Only here can couples find quiet time and adventure on the flanks of an erupting volcano.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park offers hikes through native rainforest, glimpses of the rare nene (Hawaiian goose and state bird), and a front-row seat to creation, as molten earth creeps into the sea. Thirty miles of reef teeming with marine life surround an island whose largest private landowner is a cattle ranch. This is the rural paradise of Molokai. Honeymooning couples will find the perfect blend of isolation and activity, from mountain biking, hiking or horseback riding on Molokai Ranch to kayaking the island’s secluded shoreline. Some say tranquility is the key to the soul, and on Lanai you’ll find it in rare form. Lanai is literally an island removed from the world, a place for privacy, reflection and amazing outdoor activity. Best time to visit : Anytime!


Activities: Mexico is a traveler’s paradise, crammed with a multitude of opposing identities: desert landscapes, snow-capped volcanoes, ancient ruins, teeming industrialized cities, time-warped colonial towns, glitzy resorts, lonely beaches and a world-beating collection of flora and fauna. This mix of modern and traditional, the clichéd and the surreal, is the key to Mexico’s charm, whether your passion is throwing back margaritas, listening to howler monkeys, surfing the Mexican Pipeline, scrambling over Mayan ruins or expanding your Day of the Dead collection of posable skeletons. Best time of year: Yearround, but October to May is generally the most pleasant time. Facilities are often heavily booked during Semana Santa (the week before Easter) and Christ mas/New Year, the peak domes tic travel periods.


They say love grows in Jamaica,enlightens Earle James, a Jamaican himself and one who never tires of going to Jamaica. Truly a nation out of many, one people Jamaica is a multifaceted mosaic of international customs and traditions. Reason with a Rastafarian about life, love or politics.

Lose yourself in the rhythms and movements of a people who still refuse to be constrained. Visit one of the many theatres or stage shows and delight in everything from Jonkonnu to jazz. Want to dance too? Join in the wild revelry of Carnival and Augus’ Mawnin or just follow the reggae beat, pulsing from street corners and rum bars island wide. After that, indulge in ackee and saltfish with roast breadfruit, escoveitched fish, bammy and festival Jamaican epicurean feasts that will tantalize your taste buds.

In Jamaica, you’ll discover new worlds, and familiar ones too, lots to learn about, and even more to love. No wonder Jamaica has been called ‘the biggest little island in the world!’ Best time to visit: Year round.


As far south of the equator as Hawaii is north, Tahiti is half way between California and Australia, on the same side of the International Date Line as North America, and in the same time zone as Hawaii - (only three hours behind California April- October and two hours behind California November-March).

The ultimate romantic getaway:
Each of the many islands of Tahiti is a tiny paradise. Intimate resorts, small peaceful villages, and miles of quiet pristine beaches explain why Tahiti is ranked No.1 in the world for alone time.

Must indulgences:
Snorkeling & Diving: With hundreds of dive sites through out the islands, divers can choose from the amazing drift dives, oceanic drop-offs, sunken ships, and lagoon dives with infinite marine life.

Shark Feeding:
After a short trip into the lagoon by powered outrigger canoe or powerboat, you’ll float or stand in four to seven feet of clear water behind a secure rope as the docile sharks are hand-fed by an experienced guide. Even non-swimmers can enjoy this exciting scene from the boat.

Polynesian Spas:
Enjoy fresh-flower baths, herbal rain showers, or even a body wrap in banana tree leaves. You can also rejuvenate your romance at the spas aboard the cruise ships including the Parisian-influenced private Spa Villa for two on the m/s Paul Gauguin.

Motu Picnic:
Enjoy a private or group picnic on your own motu (tiny islets in the lagoon.) Your resort or cruise ship can provide an unforgettable experience where gourmet meals are prepared and enjoyed on a table set either under a coconut tree or in the warm, shallow waters along the beach.

Best time to visit:
Temperatures average about 79 degrees (F) year around, both the air temperature and the water temperature.


The submarine mount on which Bermuda is perched rises 15,000 feet from the bottom of the sea. That part of Bermuda that is above the surface of the sea is surrounded by a wide platform of under water coral reefs that protect us from stormy weather. This shallow platform gives the inshore seas colors that you won’t soon forget stunning blues and greens that lap at the pink sand of our beaches.

Activities: Bermuda offers a wide array and vibrant choice of activities that range from boating to bowling to bird watching. Fishing, golfing, horseback riding - an attractive choice of activities designed to keep you busy as long as you have the energy. The temperate climate is ideal for sailing either in Hamilton Harbor, or the vast expanse of blue water in the Great Sound, or simply being a spectator at a sailing regatta from the quay of the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.

Best time of year: Most year through is a good time to enjoy the sunshine. Avoid hurricane season though! stories, shared pearls of wisdom and seemed to have a blast, notes Khalid, President, Maharaja Cruise. Now that rings a bell. It would be nice to meet couples of the same age, so that at least one can share the same experiences. And of course one can always choose to be alone, in the middle of the ocean. A cruise offers all the privacy that one desires. Maharaja cruise offers upto five different cruises a year, with destinations ranging from Alaska to Bahamas to Europe to Puerto Rico. Thinking Asian entertainment? From Jaspinder Narula to Kumar Sanu to Abhijit to film stars like Pooja Batra. Indian food. Indian entertainment. Indian dances. And of course, the endless ocean. How divine!

Remember that when traveling with family, you have to be prepared for anything. Arm yourself with Desi Match’s quick safe tips:

  • Make sure you have a signed, valid passport and visas, if required. Also, before you go, fill in the emergency information page of your passport!
  • Read the Consular Information Sheets and any Travel Warnings for the countries you plan to visit.
  • Familiarize yourself with local laws and customs of the countries to which you are traveling. Remember, while in a country, you are subject to its laws!
  • Make 2 photocopies of your passport identification page. This will facilitate replacement if your passport is lost or stolen. Leave one copy at home. Carry the other with you in a separate place from your passport.
  • Leave a copy of your itinerary with family or friends at home so you can be contacted in case of emergency.
  • Notify by phone or register in person with the U.S. embassy or consulate upon arrival.
  • Don’t leave luggage unattended in public areas. Don’t accept packages from strangers.
  • Don’t be a target! Avoid conspicuous clothing and expensive jewelry and don’t carry excessive amounts of money or unnecessary credit cards.
  • In order to avoid violating local laws, deal only with authorized agents when you exchange money or purchase art or antiques. If you get into trouble, contact the U.S. Consul!

Pre-departure preparations:

Health Insurance:
A travel insurance policy to cover theft, loss and medical problems is a wise idea. There are a wide variety of policies and your travel agent will have recommendations. The international student travel policies handled by STA Travel or student travel organizations are usually good value.

Check the small print:
Some policies specifically exclude dangerous activities which can include scuba diving, motorcycling, even trekking. If such activities are on your agenda you will need another sort of policy.

You may prefer a policy which pays doctors or hospitals directly rather than you having to pay on the spot and claim later. If you have to claim later make sure you keep all documentation. Some policies ask you to call back (collect) to a center in your home country where an immediate assessment of your problem is made.

Check if the policy covers ambulances or an emergency flight home. You may also need to cover the expanse of an additional person to accompany you in the case of certain illnesses. If you have to stretch out you will need two seats and somebody has to pay for them!

Medical Kit:
A small, straightforward medical kit put together with special thought for children’s ailments is a wise thing to carry. Make sure that you know the appropriate children’s dose of any medicines you are carrying, and that they are in fact suitable for children. In many countries, if a medicine is available at all it will generally be available over the counter and the price will be much cheaper than in the West. However, be careful when buying drugs in developing countries, particularly where the expiration date may have passed or correct storage conditions may not have been followed.

Health preparations
Make sure you and your children are healthy before you start traveling. If you are embarking on a long trip make sure your teeth are OK; there are lots of places where a visit to the dentist would be the last thing you’d want to do. If your kids require a particular medication take an adequate supply, as it may not be available locally. Take the prescription or, better still, part of the packaging showing the generic rather than the brand name (which may not be locally available), as it will make getting replacements easier.

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