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Clothes Maketh the Man

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Wedding SuitIf you are getting married in the near future, you owe it to the love of your life to look your very best even if it means having to actually go shopping!

As a rule, the male of the species hates being told what to do. That is, until it comes down to ‘what to wear’. Then they usually have their mothers select, buy and even choose daily what they have to wear. Then there are those men (this is a generalization of sorts, so if you disagree with anything written here, you probably belong to the other category) who spend their formative years either imitating their dad’s way of dressing or rebelling and doing the exact opposite. Once they find a style that they are comfortable with, no one, and I repeat, no one can make them change their mind.

Unfortunately, this is no excuse for a groom on his wedding day. If you are getting married in the near future, you owe it to the love of your life to look your very best even if it means having to actually go shopping!

That word needn’t make you shudder - if you envision traipsing through store after store, spending an interminable amount of time choosing from shades whose names rarely have anything to do with the colors, relax! All you need are a few pointers to help you decide on the threads to tog up in.

Trendsetter or innovator?

The trend of the season seems to be towards ethnic wear with more and more Indian men opting for sherwanis and kurtas instead of the suit. A lot of NRIs seem to be going the whole hog (pardon the expression), expressing their Indian-ness with colorful saafaas (turbans), embroidered jootis/mojris and bandhini dupattas.

Ladies to the rescue

What are you going to be wearing? If you have trouble deciding, consult your fiancée. Is she going the completely traditional way or will she be in experimental mode? Try and find a color theme that is dominant in her ensemble and try and reflect it in your outfit. You don’t have to be completely color coordinated but it would be visually appealing to be in the same color family.

Traditional togs or Modern mien?

Whichever one you decide on, here are a few things to keep in mind:

If it is winter, you might want to go for a wool-silk blend or woven silk as these provide warmth with an impeccable finish. In summer stick to cotton-silk blends or linen for that decorous look.

If you’re going in for a suit, remember that the more formal the bridal wear, the more formal the groom’s attire.

If you want to wear a suit but don’t want the hassle of combing through different cuts (single breasted and double breasted and all the in-betweens) and lapel styles, stick to the single breasted, one button, notch lapel, black tuxedo.

A formal shirt should be worn under the suit jacket. This is either a regular dress shirt with a collar and a pleated front or a traditional formal shirt with a short triangle collar.

Dupattas when worn with a sherwani, should be draped around one arm and the opposite shoulder. Unless it is a crinkled material like crushed cotton, crushed tissue, etc., make sure it is ironed well or it will take away from the overall effect of your outfit rather than enhance it.

Garb gaffes

Whichever style or mode you choose here are some oft repeated mistakes you must avoid:

Always choose the actual color of the fabric in person rather than with the aid of a catalogue or the Internet. What may appear as the perfect

shade to match all your accessories may turn out to be darker or lighter than you expected.

Take along a female friend or your mother. Better still make your sister or fiancée accompany you when going shopping. A woman’s opinion will give you a better perspective, seriously!

If buying ready-mades, try on different styles before you select any one that is most flattering to you; what may look good on a particular model in the magazine may not suit your frame or complexion.

Get a professional to take your measurements. This ensures that you won’t have to visit your tailor repeatedly for last minute alterations or horror of horrors, squirm in an ill-fitting suit during your wedding!

Give the tailor, store or designer enough time to create your outfit, rushing him will only mean inferior quality and he won’t be to blame. Enough time could mean anything from two months to three weeks depending on what you’re getting stitched and from where.

Once your ensemble is ready, make it a point to try it on before you pay the bill and leave. Any need for alterations will become apparent right then and there.

Ready to rumble

Once you’ve decided on the style, matched the color with your beloved’s attire and managed to get your very own threads for the most important day of your life - all that remains is to don it with confidence and sport it with panache!

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