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Food for Love

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AphrodisiacsThere is food for health, food that makes you more beautiful and then there is food for love. Food, that promises to help you experience to the hilt the physical expression of this rather exotic human emotion called love. Since time immemorial man has believed in the powers of certain foods to help enhance this experience. A number of scholars have tried to prove that the so called “love foods” are just a figment of imagination of the human mind. Some have given scientific data to prove their point. Yet the belief still holds strong. Probably because, “love foods” bring together two of the most potent human needs and passions-sex and food.

In ancient times aphrodisiacs were much sought after for promoting both fertility and sexual appetite. And in reality they are good foods that improve our health. Healthy minds and healthy bodies are the two pre-requisites for better sex. Besides, it naturally follows that a well nourished person is naturally expected to have a healthy sexual appetite and will be in a better position to conceive and enjoy better sex than a malnourished person, the experimentation with aphrodisiacs or “love foods” went on.

The word aphrodisiac is derived from the name of the ancient Greek goddess of love, fertility and sexual rupture - Aphrodite. Foodstuffs that have been used as aphrodisiacs range from the desirable to the disgusting. The Kama Sutra recommends a ram’s or goat’s testicle boiled in sweetened milk! Well, if that makes your stomach churn then there is no need to be disappointed. This is just the beginning of our journey into the mysterious and magical world of aphrodisiacs.

In the Middle Ages, alchemists sold an aphrodisiac with gold in it. This was known as “potable gold”. The potion had to be drunk just before bedtime. Cleopatra it is believed mixed pearls into the drink of her lover Mark Antony!

Most foods that were believed to have aphrodisiacal properties have a strong connection with the shape, taste, smell or feel something physically connected with human sexual activity. Thus, while eggs, bulbs, snails etc were favoured for their outward resemblance, aniseed, rocket seeds, sage and pistachio nuts were thought to increase male potency.

The oyster is ranked high in the list of aphrodisiacs. It is believed that it has been given this place of honour because its looks and flavour. oysters certainly are a sensuous food, slipping and slurping their way down the throat in an appealingly messy fashion.

Avocado gets its name from the Aztec word ‘Ahuacuatl’ which literally means ‘testicle tree’. So you know why avocados could do the trick. Another popular food aphrodisiac is asparagus. They are supposed to be more effective when eaten warm in combination with quail eggs.

Truffles or wild mushrooms are said to have strong impact on fertility. Their rich, dark aroma has strong impact. And when eaten in combination with garlic sauce the combination is deadly. As we all know garlic helps generate heat in the body. So, if it is truffles and garlic its red hot and piping all the way.

The popularity of chocolates as aphrodisiacs dates back to the Aztec civilization. It contains many substances which directly impact the brain.  It contains theobromine, which is similar to caffeine but is thought to have aphrodisiac qualities.

Generally speaking, sweet and spicy foods have the effect of making one feel indulgent and pampered. And this is the ideal state for seduction. That is probably the reason why most spices have been included in the long list of aphrodisiacs.

It is important to note that most food stuffs that are attributed with aphrodisiacal properties have little or no scientific backing to stake their fame in the world of aphrodisiacs. So, if you are serious about wanting to improve your sex drive through diet, then eat plenty of fish and fresh vegetables and either give up alcohol totally or keep your consumption very low. Keep cholesterol at bay by avoiding cholesterol rich foods. And remember this will not have instant impact. It is part of a long term approach.

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