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Fusion Wedding

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Fusion WeddingThe age old story of girl meets boy. Falls in love. And there is the grand finale, that is the wedding remains the same. But the twist in the kahani is that today our world is expanding at an unbelievable pace. So, people are moving out of their hometowns in search of better life opportunities. This in turn is dissolving the barriers of state, community and religion. Today mixed marriages are fast becoming a norm rather than stray occurrences.

Keeping pace with all these changes are the customs and traditions connected to the institution of holy matrimony. Today we have what is known as “fusion weddings”. My first experience of such an occasion was at the wedding of my friend Laeticia (a bengali Christian) and her fiancée Indar(a hutta khutta Punjabi sardar). It was a truly exciting affair.

The groom came to church on horseback with all the “baratis” dancing to popular Bollywood tunes being belted out by the band. After the church ceremony, they drove back to the bride’s house where the groom was taken completely taken by surprise when the first night after the wedding was spent by the couple in a room choc block full with friends ad relatives laughing, joking and singing songs.

Kiran and karna had met through the internet. Can you imagine the plight of this absolutely elated groom when during a certain ritual in the bride’s house the otherwise delightful, roly-poly Gujrati mother-in- law just would not give up till she had been able to give his nose a tweak? A custom that is supposed to ward of all evil gazes from her beloved son-in-law.

Today more and more brides opt for ceremonies that blend traditions from their own or their husband’s ethnic background. And this fusion is seen not only in the inclusion of interesting customs and rituals to the ceremony but also in the kind of attire worn for the various functions and also the food.

Ms. Agarwal and her troupe who perform at “mehendi ceremonies” are surprised by the growing demand for the celebration of this function in non-Rajasthani and Gujarati weddings. In the words of Jaya Sarkar, who got married recently, “ I decided to have a mehendi ceremony for my wedding soon after the very bengali gaye holud ceremony was over?”

Perizad’s environmentalist husband Joseph insisted on incorporating this gorgeous Parsi custom into their wedding plans when he heard of it. According to Parsi customs couples plant a sapling four days prior to their wedding. Each of the families plants a mango sapling in a pot. The soil is enriched with betel, turmeric and rice. The sapling is planted as priests chant prayers. It is kept at the entrance of the house and watered every day, until eight days after the wedding. Thereafter it is transplanted elsewhere.

Today a large number of brides are opting for lehenga or ghagra choli for their receptions and other functions. However, the sari is still the preferred attire for the main function. The same is the case for men most of whom are going for the sherwani or the suit for other functions though the traditional attire is preferred for the wedding per se.

Wedding planners are working overtime doing their research work as the demand for fusion weddings is on the rise. I think the ideal way to end this article would be to quote Deboshree, who works as an event manager, “Fusion weddings can only get more interesting. Imagine a wedding where the blooms of the sehra mingle with those of the unjal (a Tamil custom where the bride and the groom sit on a swing and are showered with flowers to ward off the evil eye). Don’t you think that would be a true picture of the united Indian spirit that exists in each and everyone of us. “

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