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Bring Harmony Into Your Home

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Feng ShuiAll it takes is rearrange bits of furniture, throw in a wind chime or bamboo shoots to get that perfectly balanced and harmonious home, which will keep your relationship also balanced and harmonious.

The Chinese perfected the system 3,500 years ago; Indians are now adapting it to their own lifestyles. Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Schway), the ancient Chinese art of arranging and re-arranging furniture and objects to bring harmony into the house, is based on the principals of Yin (male energy) and Yang (female energy). Feng Shui expert Surinder K Das, points out, “Not many know that a perfectly balanced home is essential to a good marriage relationship.

The essence is to use the natural positive energy, or Ch’i, present in any environment to enhance the surroundings. Feng Shui-designed homes can even induce better sleeping habits, communication, family harmony, business dealings and health.

“Unlike the very Indian Vaastu Shastra, where construction changes may need to be carried out to achieve the same results, like changing position of the door, or breaking walls in Feng Shui, it’s the position of the objects that can change the harmony and balance in the house. “The entire concept is based on colours and placement of objects in the house,” reveals Ghatkopar based Feng Shui practitioner, Meghal Bilakhia. “We start with the entrance of the house, and divide it into nine parts, in which objects relating to opportunity, better relationship, blessings from elders, health, knowledge, money, fame, help from God and creativity, are placed.”

The objects necessary in Feng Shui, range from placing a laughing Buddha, wind chimes, crystal balls, statutes to dolphins in the right place and direction. For instance, to achieve a positive flow of energy, all you need to do is put up wind chimes in a strategic position, place a money plant near the door or even, a small crystal round bowl holding a couple of bamboo shoots tied with a ribbon. Symmetry is key to perfect harmony here, and a Feng Shui-designed home will rarely appear staggered, rigid or clumsy.

The Furniture Story:

The placement of furniture is an important key to how the positive energy or Ch’i flows in a home. Informs Das; “Furniture arrangement can send a certain message to people who live there. By arranging furniture in a particular way, you can alleviate negative energy, as well as invite positive influences into your life.”

Partner Blues
Having problems finding a life partner? Feng Shui experts reveal that the problem could lie in your bedroom. Most set up their bedrooms for a single person, with one chair and one way to get into the bed. Chances are that they aren’t too open to incorporating another person in their lives. “The message they give themselves every day is one of self-sufficiency and independence. Bringing in two chairs and moving away from the wall re-affirms the intention of making room for someone else,” asserts Das.

A Few Tips

Color plays an important part in Feng Shui. “Blue represents motion,” says Bilakhia. “It’s for opportunity. Pink is for betterment of relationships, green colour¬† represents money, while red is for fame, metallic colours like copper, gold or silver is for creativity and yellow is for knowledge.” They can be introduced in the house by having paintings in that colour, or upholstery, or even putting fresh pink or red flowers, depending on whether you are looking for creativity or fame. But no plastic flowers should be put in the home, because they represent negative energies.

Hang a wind-chime by your front door to keep the energy from stagnating in front of your house. “Wind chimes should only be placed in area where the wind is very fast. It then strikes against the chimes, and the wind that flows into your house is smooth,” says Bilakhia.

Have a high-backed chair at your work desk to help support you in making decisions and give you a sense of backing.

When moving into a new home, ring your doorbell for the first nine days to announce your presence and lay claim to the space.

Paint your front door a color different from anything else in your house to attract good opportunities.

Situate your desk so that when you’re seated at it, you can see the entrance to the room.

Open and use your front door as often as possible to stimulate good luck coming into your house.

Fix all leaky faucets since they represent money leaking out of your life.

If you have double sinks in your bathroom, install one full mirror above them to unify a potential split between partners.

Hang a mirror in the dining room, low enough to reflect the top of the table. The abundance of food implies lots of money in the house.

Place a jade plant, often called a “money” plant, near your front door to increase your wealth.

Place a small mirror, reflective side out, in a window if you live near a hospital, funeral home, cemetery or church, to keep any trauma from spilling over into your space.

Dos and don’ts

Try not to use any furniture that has come down from a prior, painful relationship; it keeps you tied to the past when you are trying to move forward. On the other hand, a piece of furniture or painting that has been gifted by a very close friend will infuse warm feelings in the home environment.

Often negative feelings crop up in relationships, between the spouses or, between parents and children. “One reason could be that all the chairs in the room face the television, because of which there is no communication between family members,” says By changing the position of the chairs so that it faces the sofa, the emphasis is on conversation rather than on watching TV. Although it is still in the room, it is no longer the focus.

A common tendency, especially in Mumbai where homes are tiny, is to place the furniture all around the outside walls. Says Das, “This doesn’t allow for easy conversation since people may have to talk loudly to be heard. They may feel alienated from one another.” The solution is to bring the furniture more into the center of the room.

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