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Practise Yoga, Lead a better Married Life

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YogaYoga can help achieve marital bliss, says Brahmasri Professor K.S. Sundareysan of Patanjalee Yoga Foundation, Chennai.

Yoga can help improve marital life and bring back cheer into the hearts of couples, said Brahmasri Professor K.S. Sundareysan, a renowned yoga master and founder of Patanjalee Yogaa Foundation in Indira Nagar, Chennai.

“Modern world is undergoing lot of frustration and the only way to come out of it is to learn and practice yoga. The yoga we teach is not one of renunciation but one of acceptance. You don’t need to give up all your bad habits like smoking, drinking etc to take up yoga. You can simply live your life as you normally do when you take up yoga. It is guaranteed that even as little as 10 minutes daily practice on a regular basis will improve greatly the quality of life and your bad habits will slip away automatically,” he said.

Yoga can help bring peace and harmony into the lives of couples and reduce tension in their daily lives thereby contributing to the well being of the family. It infuses moral values, personal discipline, contentment and commitment. Yoga can offer spiritual light, psychic abilities, perfect physical health and a peaceful inner mind or inner happiness, he added.

He said studies have revealed that practicing particular asanaas has helped correct infertility and erectile dysfunctional problems in men. Regular pranayamam and yogasanas before marriage will help grooms and brides get ready for the institution called marriage. It improves nervous system in men and in the case of brides it helps improve the areas around the pelvic bones so that they can have a safe and comfortable delivery.

Those suffering from premature ejaculation and lack of staying power have found tremendous improvement in their marital life after practicing special asanaas with the guidance of gurus.

There are pre-natal and post-natal yogic exercises for women. There are specific asanaas for pregnant women between first month and third month, third month and sixth month and some easy exercises for the remaining three months. There is a wrong notion that pregnant women should not practice yoga. However, he cautioned that pregnant women should do yoga strictly under the supervision of a knowledgeable yoga master and not with the help of books or cassettes, he cautioned

Also, women should do specific yogasanas after delivery to flatten their tummy and avoid complications such as diabetes and hormonal imbalance that strike women after childbirth. Yoga also helps in natural family planning as sexual desire can be curtailed by practicing specific asanaas. “Yoga will reduce tension in sexual life, prolong sexual activities and maintains vitality better than Viagra”, he added. “It helps improve self confidence in married men and corrects the imbalance in the nervous system, a must for happy married life.”

“Many men feel diffident and lack self confidence before marriage. They are scared to enter into wedlock thinking that they may be unfit. These and other kinds of imaginary feelings and phobias can be cured with the help of yoga, which is safe without any side effects. There is no better tonic than yoga and the asanaas are effective in the prevention of disease and in aiding the cure of existing illness as well.

Tell me one medical system that offers this and more for prince to peasant, child to grandparent and ailing to robust. Yoga is an ancient and a universal science designed to give a healthy body and a healthy mind to every single human being on earth. Yoga is not an oriental culture but universal. With the advancement of civilization and as tensions grow manifold; human beings are under great stress and strain looking for avenues to unburden themselves. This is the reason that modern medical science is now facing a challenge not able to ameliorate the sufferings of mankind”, he noted.

“Within the last century, diseases have sprung up with new and renewed vigor and dimensions, expressions and manifestations and this has peaked in the last few decades. Medical science has put an end to the great plagues of the past, but are now faced with a new epidemic of stress-related disorders caused by people’s inability to adapt to the highly competitive pace of modern life”, he said.

“Psychosomatic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, migraine, asthma, ulcers, digestive disorders, skin diseases arise from tensions in the body and mind. The leading cause of death in developed countries, cancer and heart diseases stem from tension too. The international problem today is not hunger, poverty, drugs or fear of war. It’s tension, hypertension and total tension. If you know how to free yourself from tension, you know how to solve your problems in life. If you are able to balance your tensions, you can control your emotions, anger and passions, heart diseases, hypertension and angina pectoris”, he added.

More than 90 percent of the diseases today originate from the mind. If the diseases originate from the mind and emotions should we not discover a new way of therapy and that to me is yoga. In the last few decades, yoga has come to rescue men from the crisis and has induced significant changes in many parts of the world.

Says the professor, “You need to learn yoga from a competent teacher. A competent teacher means that he lives the life of a yogic and that he knows the science. He should tell you what you should practice and should know what diabetic men should not practice. Yoga can’t and should not be learnt from books but only with the help of a competent and experienced teacher.”

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  2. 2 Sandya

    Please let know the various asanas to asanaas to solve premature ejaculation….

  3. 3 yasmeen

    yoga is important

  4. 4 Krishnan

    Great article, I wonder how this has changed in light of the current economic recession.

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