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Bringing back the zing in your relationship

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Zing in your relationshipIt’s eight o’ clock in the Gupta household. The children have been served dinner. Madhu and Ravi wait patiently as they finish. Then they are tucked into their beds with a story and a goodnight kiss each. The couple returns to the living room. The dishes are dried and put away. The television is turned off and the couple retires for the night. Then there is the ritual love making and each one turns to his/her side of the bed and is fast asleep.

Like most couples who have been married a while sex for Madhu and Ravi has become another chore in the to do list. Both crave for the passion that was there between them in the early years of their marriage. Yet, they find themselves merely performing a function only so that they can still tell themselves that they have a healthy relationship. A fact that finds expression in a statement like, ‘I really feel bad for some of my friends who have no life as a couple, you know what I mean.’

Having an exciting love life is different from having a healthy one. There is no denying that Madhu and Ravi were very much in love and had a healthy love life. What was missing perhaps is the excitement, which is the zing factor in a relationship. Something that each one of us promised will last forever when we fell in love or during the early years of our marriages.

Here are some tips, that a lot of couples, who we spoke to vouch for. So, if you’ve hit a point in your relationship where things have become routine and boring, read on………..

  • Make the bedroom exciting. It is the most important room as far as this part of your relationship goes. Make it clutter free. Remove the television.
  • Use bedspreads and accessories that are more than just comfortable. Those that spell romance. Use lighting that is soft and soothing.
  • Rekindle memories of the past. Arrange for a date with your spouse at home. Pack the children off to a friend or relative’s house. Cook a yummy dinner. Put on some fabulous music. And then just let the magic happen.
  • Pick up a small, thoughtful just-because gift for your spouse. Gifts are not just meant for special occasions.
  • The most important rule however, is to stop planning the sex. Because, the minute you do that the magic of it just disappears.

With the hectic lives that many of us lead, it is not always easy to keep romance alive or to be in love everyday. So, keep the excitement in the bedroom going it is important to rediscover the passion that you shared. The passion that just got lost somewhere as you moved on. The other important thing to remember is no planning and no scheduling. Bring back the excitement and adventure in your love life. Not only will it renew and revive your entire life. The bliss and joy of your togetherness will spill into the rest of your life and you and your spouse will start having more fun again outside of the bedroom.

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