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Essential Wedding Etiquette

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Wedding EtiquetteThe wedding ceremony symbolizes not just the union of the bride and the groom and the beginning of their marital life, but it is also a very significant social event. Therefore, it is necessary to follow certain necessary etiquette before, during, and after the wedding ceremony is over. Here are a few examples of wedding etiquette that every bride should know.

Prior to that, it is necessary to remember that this wedding etiquette is vital and should be maintained without fail because weddings are occasions where social relations are forged. Any sort of discrepancy on the part of the hosts can result in being embarrassed on your biggest day.

It is very important for the bride and groom to remember that those guests who have been invited to the event of bridal showers should not be excluded from the wedding ceremony. This is because sometimes brides believe that it is acceptable to leave out some of those guests invited to the bridal showers. They should not be left off the guest list because these guests bring along wonderful gifts which are showered on the bride during these bridal showers. If nothing else, out of a sense of gratitude to these visitors, the bride and groom should definitely not forget to invite them to the wedding ceremony and reception.

Another very significant aspect of the wedding ceremony, which is often disregarded as a minor issue, is the decision regarding financial expenditures. Under normal rules, it is believed that while the bride’s family incurs the costs of the wedding ceremony, the wedding reception is organized by the groom’s family. There are always exceptions to the rule and to avoid any kind of conflict of interests later, it is always better to have an open discussion and make a decision prior to the wedding ceremony.

A significant etiquette related to the wedding ceremony follows after the bride and groom has received gifts from the various guests who attended the wedding. The couple is expected to send ‘thank you’ notes to all the guests who attended the occasion and bestowed them with gifts. In fact, this is an indispensable etiquette and it is considered offensive on the part of the couple if they are unable to send out these notes. It is always preferable if they are handwritten personally.


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