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The Bride’s Check List

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Bride's ChecklistYes, a wedding is supposed to be a bride’s most momentous day. Is it any wonder that she should be subject to a million tiny worries in the weeks leading up to her wedding? We capture some of these in our tongue-in-cheek checklist for the bride.

*Have to send out the first invitation card to that chap who’s been pestering me since high school. Imagine! Seven years and he’s still writing me poems hinting of marriage. Must put him out of his misery.

*Must accompany Ma to the shops tomorrow in my lunch hour. Now that we’re getting down to buying the sarees to give away to relatives, I confess I’m running out of steam and enthu…

*I will not, repeat, NOT take the office gang out for a treat because I’m getting married. Why should the guys get a chance to make a fool of themselves with beer on my tab just because I’m escaping their bachelor circle?

*Will take the girls from office for a special secret treat – maybe ‘chaat’ and a nice romantic movie.

*Have to take driving lessons and get my license somehow…Minnie says that learning to drive from a husband is sheer TORTURE and can lead to divorce!

*Must ask Sonali’s help in finalizing my going-away wardrobe. She will help me to get rid of the T-shirt given to me by Vivek when I was in college, the mirror-work skirt that’s now hopelessly out of fashion and other similar can’t-bear-to-throw-away items. Should a bride really be carrying so many clothes from long ago?

*Must give my collection of hair clips, tiny toy kitchen sets, and entire lot of Nancy Drew and Goosebumps books to some deserving little girl soon. I suppose its too much to hang on to all this till my daughter comes around…

*Wonder whether I can convince Ma and Papa to hang on to all this stuff for me till I (or my little one!) need it.

*Must spend an extra hour convincing my uncle in Singapore to attend the wedding. After all, only if he comes will he bring dear grandma…!

*Must save up all the little excitements of each day to share with my dearest…I’m so happy we’re going to be married soon.

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