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Live by values for a long lasting relationship

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CoupleMost of us live by values. Our relationship is also based on shared values that are dear to both the partners. What are the values you live by? They may be- Honesty, speaking truth, helping others, understanding others, caring for others, being compassionate and such other values that you may be sharing with your partner.

Do you live by these values in your work life? Many of us compromise our values in our work life to achieve quick results and money. When it comes to living by the values in work, we do not think about scarifying the values to reach targets and achieve quick growth. are you also doing the same?

How many of us do not lie? How many of us behave carelessly towards others/ how many of us cheat others for small gains? We are ready to sacrifice most of our values to reach our material goals. We justify all our actions. But this gives us dissatisfaction. we are not happy because we do not feel accomplished by getting success in this way. This dissatisfaction affects our relationship.

Slowly we also begin to compromise on our values with our partner. In love, we say- I will care for you. In love we promise total faithfulness. In love, we promise that we will sacrifice our comfort to make our beloved comfortable. In love we promise many things including never hurting our darling. When it comes to living by these values, we break most of them. We bring down our love to a give and take and justify our wrong actions with every possible argument. As that becomes apparent to our partner, they object to that and friction begins. This friction may lead to break- up. The essential factor is to live by values in all areas of our life. Once we do that we get happiness and confidence. Our relationship thrives because of that.


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Responses to Live by values for a long lasting relationship

  1. 1 Ralph Dreifus

    The sad part about all of this is, if you live in the United States the society is collapsing and ethics, morals and integrity are all disappearing rapidly. All aspects of the culture is decaying from raising children to marriage to work. It is now OK to lie cheat and steal. Well it is not OK

    My father who was born before the 1929 economic depression says “People today have as much ethics integrity and morals as they can afford to have. From all outward appearance most people cannot afford much of any of the three basic values that twenty years actually meant something. We have had sixteen years of a nation rotting from the top down in our government and in too many cases religion has become a business like fast food.

    It really is time for everyone to rethink how they interact with others in all aspects of their lives. Nobility decency, honor, integrity and respect for others in thought word and deed. Demand it of yourself and expect no less from others. You can apply these values to marriage, to raising your children, to your work That is the very simple solution to very complex basic social issues.