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The Laundry Lists

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Laundry ListIt was their sixteenth fight since their wedding eight months ago. As Pradeep reached out to hug Nishi, trying to make up for their hot and angry words, to which he had contributed a fair share, she shrugged out and walked away. After that, she got busy in the kitchen. He knew just by watching the set of her shoulders that she would not speak to him for some time.

Shaking his head in frustration, he stepped out to buy some fruits, soap and eggs, then came back and wrote this note that he stuck with a pineapple shaped magnet on to their fridge.

“Sorry!” he wrote. “Have got the things you wanted. Just don’t make ‘dalia’ for breakfast and lunch again. I need a break from it for at least two months.”

By the time he had finished his bath, Nishi was choosing her clothes from the cupboard in their room. He passed her without a word. As he went towards the kitchen, he noticed her reply stuck on the fridge – written in a purple ink.

“Too late about the ‘dalia’. I had already begun to make it by the time you gave your instructions. Its good for you. As for sorry, if you really meant it, you wouldn’t repeat your actions time and again.”

His mouth tightening, Pradeep scrawled on a small paper, “What actions? There’s no repeating. What happened today was a fresh thing and you know it.” Then he stuck this on the fridge.

He was looking for her reply before he went to the office, but there was none. He ate the ‘dalia’ which was accompanied by freshly set curds and a salad. He had smelt potatoes roasting and knew she would have packed the ‘dalia’ with vegetables and ‘raita’ for his lunch. But when he saw her sitting on the balcony, moodily eating a toasted sandwich and looking out, he felt irritated again. A glass of milk, concession to ‘good health’ stood on the table beside her. Why wasn’t the ‘dalia’ rule applicable to her? Why hadn’t she replied?

When he returned home an hour later because he had forgotten a vital folder, she was away at office. But her purple lettered reply stared at him from the fridge. “Am going for a movie with Viji today,” she had written. “Back by 9.30.”

He wrote back, “I will be out till later.” He didn’t give any explanation as to where he was going to be. After all, he still had to plan his evening.

In the next three days there was such a forest of notes stuck to the fridge that their maid, Sheela, protested. “I keep knocking off these chits every time I have to get milk or vegetables from the fridge,” she complained. “At least throw away the old ones!”

On the fourth day, Pradeep got up to the sound of Nishi humming a song as she trimmed a few dead leaves from the plants in their balcony. He walked to the hall to read the paper, and finding that she hadn’t yet made herself a cup of tea, he put on enough water on the stove for them both. He was smiling as he recalled the last note she had written him at night. “You use logic for every one else except yourself. I am not a logical person and don’t have to answer your queries.”

She came in to the hall from the balcony with an empty mug and a dirty rag in her hands. He raised his eyes from the paper and their eyes met. The merest glimmer of a smile in her eyes was enough for him to stand inches away from her in exactly two seconds. The next moment he was crushing her in a tight embrace as he said in a voice that had deepened with emotion. “I am not a logical person either. I have this totally illogical love for you.”

Nishi returned his embrace with enthusiasm. The fridge door was cleaned of all notes. Their next fight was more than five months later…

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