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What’s your colour?

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Personality and colourI have always been fascinated by stuff like astrology, tarot card reading, numerology and face reading. A friend of mine, Vikramjeet, who shares my interests, just dropped by the other day and over a cup of coffee he revealed to me the connection between numerology and colours. He said that we all have what is known as a birth colour. This colour is determined by one’s birth number. Each of the numbers 1-9 are represented by a colour. And these colours can reveal your personality. And believe you me I was in for quite a surprise at the accuracy of the predictions.

What is important for us to understand is the fact that your personal colour need not be your favourite colour. Another important difference between your personal and your favourite colour is that while the latter may change from time to time, the former remains constant.
Intriguing isn’t it? So, here’s the magic formula for you. According to numerology, the birth colour of number one’s is red. Number two’s are orange, three’s are yellow, four’s green, five’s blue, six’s white, seven’s purple, eight’s black and nine’s brown.

Now if you’re wondering how on earth you can figure out what your birth number is, here is a simple formula. Add up the total number of digits in your date of birth to make a single digit.

For example- if your date of birth is - 19.9.58, then your birth number is- 5. 1+9+9+5+8= 32, 3+2=5

If your colour is……..

Red - Red’s are likely to be very passionate. Not just in the romantic sense. Reds are passionate about everything they do and believe in. Leadership comes naturally to them. On the negative side they tend to be impulsive and short tempered.

Green - Green’s have a keen eye for detail. They are helpful and caring. They are extremely persistent at what they do and generally prove to be successful in most things they attempt.

Yellow - Yellow’s are carefree, happy-go-lucky people. They are ambitious and optimistic. More often than not they are go-getters who do not give up easily.

Blue - Blue’s are calm, controlled and intelligent. They make extremely loyal partners. So, if you’re looking for a partner, choose a blue. They are very emotional and have a tendency to overreact.

Purple - Purple’s are very sensitive people who can be hurt easily. They live in a world of fantasy and find it difficult to accept reality. They find it hard to take a decision and, tend to be impulsive.

Brown - Brown’s are honest and down to earth. They are health conscious and give a lot of importance to physical wellbeing. They tend to suffer from a sense of insecurity.

Orange - Orange’s are extroverts. They are very efficient at whatever they undertake. They are competitive, restless and very determined.

Black - Black’s are strong willed and independent. They are rebellious by nature. They are strict disciplinarians. However, they suffer from a lack of confidence.

White - White’s are optimists. They have a well balanced personality. However, they are often lonely at heart.

Hope you have a good time getting an insight into the different shades of your personality!!

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Responses to What’s your colour?

  1. 1 Excelan-Bharati ji

    its really great to know about colours…
    Excelan-Bharati ji
    Excelan-Bharati ji

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