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Nuptial Knots by Rachna Singh

8 Votes | Average: 4.38 out of 58 Votes | Average: 4.38 out of 58 Votes | Average: 4.38 out of 58 Votes | Average: 4.38 out of 58 Votes | Average: 4.38 out of 5 (8 votes, average: 4.38 out of 5)
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Nuptial KnotsPublisher : DEPOT (Self Publishing)
Price : Rs.175
No of pages : 180
Released on : December 2008

They say love is blind but marriage is an eye-opener. This is exactly what Rachna Singh conveys through her interesting short stories in Nuptial Knots. The book is interspersed with practical advice in between the narration and this takes you back to your own relationships, with the people that matter in your life.
The stories and situations described here are everyday events that reveal little significant details…details that can either make or break your relationships depending on how you deal with them.
There is this analogy in the book about a dog that circles a place many times before finally selecting the perfect spot to settle in. That’s how a marriage usually works. The girl enters as a new bride and she has to make a place for herself slowly, by observing the people around her and making delicate choices. 

A protagonist in one of the stories, Zainab tries too hard to be perfect… to fit in. She seems to have a good life on the surface, but underneath it all she is slowly crumbling; being stuck in a rut does this to a person. It leads to depression with time, and this happens ever so often in many people… they just work and work for the family but nobody notices the sacrifices they make, no one appreciates their worth. This is one of the underlying themes in the book. Sometimes the situation can be more drastic… like the ex-girlfriend or a medical condition that was not brought up before the wedding.
The author advises that such instances require three people to build the marriage: the husband, wife and a counsellor… a good foundation is necessary to sustain a marriage. The author goes on to say that the initial stages of marriage is malleable like clay, she compares it to pottery… those initial days are when the shape and texture is formed. 
Overall, this book makes for a good read, the author is witty and some of the situations described here, do seem to touch home. One can surely learn a thing or two from Rachna.

The book is available in the stores mentioned below:

DEPOT Brookefield, Bangalore.
Big Bazar Koramangala, Bangalore.
Big Bazar Banshankari, Bangalore.
Big Bazar Old Madras rd, Bangalore.
Big Bazar Hebbal, Bangalore.
Pantaloons-Sigma Mall, Bangalore.
Big Bazar Ameerpet, Hyderabad.
Big Bazar Abids, Hyderabad.
Big Bazar TNagar, Chennai.
Big Bazar, Chennai.
Big Bazar Trivandrum, Kerala.
DEPOT Mangalore-KSTRC Bus St
Big Bazar Fun-N-Stop, Pune
Big Bazar Kothrud, Pune
Big Bazar Pimpri, Pune.
Big Bazar Thane, Maharashtra.
DEPOT- Mumbai-Santacruz-Milan.
Big Bazar Lower Parel, Mumbai.
DEPOT- Nagpur, Maharashtra.
DEPOT-Delhi-Rohini-Unitech AMU
Big Bazar Gurgaon
Big Bazar Noida
DEPOT-Kanpur-Gutaiya Nagar-R
Pantaloon Camac Street, Kolkata.
Pantaloon Ghariahat, Kolkata
Pantaloon Kakurgachi, Kolkata.
Big Bazar VIP Road, Kolkata.
Big Bazar Hiland Park, Kolkata.

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Responses to Nuptial Knots by Rachna Singh

  1. 1 Jyothsna

    ‘Nuptial Knots’ is a winner! I loved the wit, lovely storytelling and lessons. It is surely a great help for young people ready to tie the knot - a perfect wedding gift for someone getting married.

    I loved Rachna’s blog as well. Look forward to new posts there :

  2. 2 Sudha

    Most couples walk down the aisle fully expecting to live “happily-ever- after” following the wedding. But ‘Nuptial Knots’ is here to warn you that that state of bliss is very temporary, and that if you want your marriage to last, you have to work at it.

    Rachna has a way with words and wisdom… both being simple & practical. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and recommend it to all, however long you have been married.

    Can’t wait for the next one…

  3. 3 Sarosh

    Ok so I’m gonna start off by saying to go out and buy this book RIGHT NOW. You don’t even have to read a review to know it’s awesome. So when you get back, I’ll give you a review.

    However the anxiety to reveal my thoughts got the better of me and I think I want to pen down few things which come to my mind right away!

    If I were to summarise my thoughts in two words after lapping up every bit till the last page, it would be “SIMPLY AWESOME !!!”. Every page I read built up a thought in me to move on to the next page (despite the pressing need to complete my deck on the project I am working on first!)

    And finally to sum up my review I would like to put it this way:

    Advantages: Fantastic debut novel, great well formed characters, provokes one to think in this new found direction and a sure read that every Single/Married person should go through!

    Disadvantages: leaves you wanting more!

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