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Look good. Feel good. Let the make-up do the rest….

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Summer Make-upSummer is tricky in a tropical climate where you sweat profusely. Applying make-up during summer is even trickier and to prevent them from dripping from your face is the trickiest of the lot.

A bride must look her best on her wedding day. The aim of bridal make-up is that it should look good on photo. Contrarily, in most instances the bride’s make-up looks overdone in the photos. Here’s the point, you don’t need loads of make-up to look good. Just define your features accentuating your eyes and lips. On the whole a minimalist approach is the order of the day.

To be fabulous on your wedding day and for that ‘picture perfect’ look – a little planning ahead on skin care does wonders for you to look more than just good.

Avoid the whites – sugar, salt and refined flour. Sugar attaches to collagen fibers on the skin and makes it look saggy. Salt causes water retention making you look puffy and refined flour makes your digestion go haywire. Alcohol causes swelling and blotches skin.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables rich in anti-oxidants that are yummy for your skin. Hydrate by taking eight to ten glasses of water to flush out the toxins from your body. Follow a cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine followed by adequate protection. Exfoliate using face and body scrub to remove the dead cells. Have a facial done at least two weeks prior to your wedding day. Don’t experiment with anything new since that can result in breakouts and blemish your skin.

Have a special manicure and pedicure done to slough off the dead skin. Use intensive moisturizing cream on hands and feet liberally to keep them soft. Get your beauty’s sleep to rub off the weary look from your face.

Avoid the sun to the maximum. If unavoidable use sunscreen with minimum SPF 15.

Tanning would make your skin look unevenly dark on camera. Use a bronzer instead to give you a ‘totally bronzed look’.

Use ice as coolant on your skin before make-up application. This will prevent clogging of pores while applying foundation. In case of an oily skin use a transparent primer which acts as a film between your skin and the make-up to prevent melting due to heat. Another point would be to use compressed powder (compact) that can absorb sweat to an extent. Keep tissues handy to pat out the excess sweat. Most liquid foundation is thick and better to avoid. Instead opt for a tinted moisturizer that helps in evening out skin tone.

Use refrigerated lip balm as a base coat before application of lipstick. Chilled lip balm doesn’t smear when applied while retaining the moisture. Avoid using lipsticks that have orange tones since that would make your teeth look yellow. Go for darker shades than the usual like maroons and browns.

Same goes for eye liner which tends to smudge because of the heat and humidity. Go for powdered eye shadow than pencils or liners. Use waterproof eyeliner to combat sweat. Use a primer instead of direct application of powdered eye shadow to prevent crease formation.

Use a brush to apply make up to create a more natural look.  Dusting pink powder blush lightly across the cheeks will provide a nice contour to the cheeks besides giving a dewy appearance to your face.

Please note what goes for your face also applies for your neck. Don’t forget to pamper the neck otherwise on the D-day your neck will have a different story to tell of its own. If you are hypo-allergenic or possess a sensitive skin go for a swatch of the cosmetics you plan to use to check for allergies.

Finally, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Having said this it must also be said that to make the beholder see your beauty you need to do something about it. Looking good is not about just wearing make-up, rather it is about how skillfully you apply to make the most of it. The accent is on highlighting your best points.

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