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Becoming A Happy Couple

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Happy CoupleCouples come together for companionship, romance,love, sex, economic survival, friendship or some other reason. The most important of all is friendship. Without friendship, all else falls apart. Friendship is the essence of human relationships. It is the bond which glues the couple to see through thick and thin.

Some couples confide in each other. Some confide in their respective buddies. Why is a spouse or partner not comfortably engaged as a buddy? There are reservations. It’s demoralizing to have someone you hold in high esteem to know your latest problem. It’s especially sensitive in men who are afraid of wounding their ego. There can’t be a happy couple when both are wearing masks and playing charades. In friendship, there’s trust enough to let down your guard and come clean with your problems. Knowing that the other will always be there for you melts away the worries. Humor helps to keep anxieties in the proper perspective.Get cracking on the jokes. Share domestic humor. Crack up and not break up is a good motto to follow.

Romance, love and sex occupy central positions in the early part of every relationship. Just like everything,the novelty will wear off.A bad day at work may leave one too stressed out for physical intimacy. That doesn’t mean going to bed unhappy.Share your trials as well as your tribulations. Love gives sympathy for the suffering half. This is the time the couple feels as one. Keeping back the real cause of your unhappiness may cause misunderstanding and speculation.Open communication takes guts.It’s the best type of communication.

A happy couple is one with equal rights and responsibilities. Reserve that mothering instinct for the kids. A mother hen smothers instead of house-training her charge. Being bossy doesn’t get what you want. The outcome may be bossing the other out the door.

We don’t become a couple in the hope of changing the other half.There’s an extent to which the personality and behaviors remain original as before coupledom.A happy couple accepts each other just the way they are. Make accommodations and adjustments but don’t push for complete compliance to your desires. People aren’t puppets.

A happy couple remains good friends no matter what the squabble was.Differences in opinion remain without festering grudges. A happy couple is complimentary to each other.A happy couple stays happy with loving friendship.


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