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Skin Care for Your Wedding Day

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Skin CareIf there’s any one day you want your skin and make-up to appear flawless, it’s your wedding day.

Beautiful skin is really all about healthy skin. The truth is healthy skin doesn’t magically appear overnight, no matter how much money you invest in skin care products. It’s an on-going process which happens in the weeks and months leading up to the wedding.

You’ll glow with good looks through consistent, daily skin care. Sunscreen and moisturizer should be part of your routine, along with a cleanser to take off make-up before bed each night.

Skin experts suggest the four steps to naturally radiant skin are cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and protecting. Choose products with careful consideration by first speaking with a skin expert.

Facials can work wonders and are pleasantly relaxing at the same time. Begin by finding a spa offering custom facials, tailored to your needs. The facial should begin with a one-on-one skin consultation. After discussing your skin care habits, diet and breakouts, your skin type will be determined and the appropriate products will be used for your facial.

If you have sensitive skin, be sure to have a consultation well in advance of the facial and try the products on a spot under your chin to check for any reactions.

The facial treatment consists of several steps. First, your face will be cleansed of any dirt or makeup. Usually, many scrubs, creams, and ointments are applied. Then the skin is typically exfoliated and oil is extracted.

If possible, facials should be conducted about once a month to keep the skin in shape.

To look your best, take plenty of time beforehand to decide on a make-up style. Whether you plan to do your makeup or have a professional step in, experimentation is the order of the day. Try a selection of colors and shades. Makeup counters offer free samples and “beauty consultations” to help you achieve the look you desire, so don’t hesitate to try them.

It’s a prudent idea to practice your colors in the days leading up to the wedding, but not on the actual day! If you end up with a look you don’t like, there’s still time to make alterations. Talk to the person helping with your hair and make sure you like the way your makeup goes with your hairdo.

In terms of make-up, a morning ceremony calls for a more natural look. Evening weddings generally require formal and darker colors, but don’t get carried away. Bear in mind the lighting where the wedding will take place. If you’ll be married outside in the natural sunlight, go for lighter colors. If you are in the semi-darkness of a Wedding place, deeper tones might work best.

Take this a step further and have a friend photograph you in a variety of makeup looks. This should provide a basic idea of how the make-up will appear in your wedding portraits. If you usually wear a certain shade of lip color and you feel it’s flattering, there is no reason why you can’t stick with your usual color for the wedding.

Try on your dress and head piece along with your makeup to get the complete picture. If your Wedding apparel is classic and simple, your hair and makeup should be as well. Watch that your dress color doesn’t clash with your makeup colors. For this important day, it’s best to avoid “trendy” looks such as glittery eye shadow or purple nail polish.

Even if you’re not the weepy sort, waterproof mascara is still a bride’s best bet. If you do shed a few stray tears, your eyes will continue to look great.

Take advantage of the wide range of makeup now available in long-lasting, stay-all-day formulas. These are perfect for minimal touch-ups to your wedding makeup. But just in case, pack an emergency makeup kit, which you can give to your mom or maid of honor for safekeeping. Include eye drops in the kit to ease tired or red eyes. A prepared bride is a happy bride!


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