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Romantic Surprises To Excite Your Partner

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Romantic SurprisesMany of us are in long-term relationships and are happy. However, after living together for many years couples tend to get stuck into a routine. For example: Do you often know what your partner will do next?

Because we have spent so much time together learning about each other, couples often find that they know each other too well.

Do you unconsciously have roles? I.e. does one always take out the garbage and the other takes the children to football practice?
If this sounds familiar then maybe you’ve both gotten into routines. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this, but adding a little spice to your relationship can only make it that more enjoyable.

Surprises needn’t be elaborate or expensive things to carry out. Just doing something different or changing you attitude can show your partner that you still care and are still very much in love with them.

For Him:
1. Open a car door for her.
2. Get home early and cook her a favourite meal.
3. Do something that she normally does – like doing the ironing or cleaning.
4. Pack a small overnight bag and whisk her off to a local hotel for a special occasion.
5. Bring home a bottle of champagne and serve it with dinner.
6. Run her a bath and then join her.
7. Do something without being asked.
8. Book the day off work without telling her, then arrange the same for her. Tell her just as she’s about to leave for work and go out together for the day.
9. Kiss your partner more often, not just when you leave/arrive.
10. If you always forget your anniversary, make a point of making it a big occasion this year.

For Her:
1. Put a note on his car windscreen and sign it ‘from your mistress.’
2. Leave a trail of your clothes to the bedroom door and await him.
3. Buy him that gadget that he’s always wanted but you’ve said was a waste of money.
4. Do something outrageous.
5. Wear something he’d love you to wear. This doesn’t just apply to lingerie, if you always wear trousers wear a seductive evening gown at dinner.
6. Read up about his favourite hobby/sport and wow him with your knowledge.
7. Do something that he enjoys that you hate, like fishing, football practice etc. The key here is not to complain about it.
8. Book a surprise holiday to his favourite destination.
9. Meet him for lunch.
10. Flirt with him at a party or even just at home.

Just making the effort to ensure that your relationship doesn’t become routine or boring by carrying out a few of these ideas will make the world of difference.


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