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Wedding Don’ts

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Wedding PlansYour wedding day is probably the one day that has dominated your dreams since you were little.  You want it to be perfect, and there are ways to assure that everything goes off without a hitch.  However, there are some things associated with planning a wedding that can give you some headaches. Here are some pitfalls to avoid:

Don’t 1:  Plan a Wedding for Everyone Else

This is your day. Repeat that statement over and over until you believe it. Everyone and their brother will probably be telling you what you should and should not do, but ultimately the only two people who matter in the planning are the bride and groom. Yes, you want to bring everyone together for a fun evening, but you have to have fun, too. Don’t worry about living up to anyone’s expectations but your own.

Don’t 2:  Invite People You Don’t Want There

Your wedding is a budgeted affair, and to remain within that budget you need to settle on a guest list. Yes, your cousin may want you to invite your third cousin twice removed from Russia that you have never met, but that does not mean you have to.  You want to be surrounded on your wedding day by people you know and love, so make sure those are the people on your guest list.

Don’t 3:  Fret About the Things that Go Wrong

Any good event planner will tell you that not everything goes right all the time. Yes, there are those few people in the world that have the perfect wedding day where not one thing goes wrong, but in the real world stuff happens. Keep your sense of humor and a flexible attitude on for the day. See the good side of things, even in the face of disaster. It does help to either hire a planner or ask someone to help you with your special day by coordinating schedules and vendors. This way you can focus on what is really important – vowing to love and be with your spouse forever.

Don’t 4:  Forget to Eat

There is nothing worse than a drunk or cranky bride.  If you are drinking at your wedding, you need to make sure you eat so that you do not end up drunk or sick.  Eat a little before the ceremony, too.  This way you can avoid getting dizzy or fainting.  Jitters and stage fright are common, and eating a little can help keep you focused.

Don’t 5:  Let People Drink Too Much

An open bar is a nice thing at a wedding, but give your bartenders free reign to cut people off. Nothing puts a damper on a wedding day like alcohol-induced drama. Drunk people get in fights, say embarrassing things, and even get in traumatic car accidents. If you see someone is drunk, arrange for someone else to give him or her a ride home.

Don’t 6:  Forget to Send Thank You Notes

When you receive a gift from a shower or the wedding, you should send out Thank You notes ASAP after the wedding day. The general guideline is 5 weeks.  Make sure the notes are simple but personal.

Don’t 7:  Forget to Confirm with All the Vendors

In the final days before the wedding, it is a good idea to call all the vendors and people involved to make sure they know when and where they are supposed to be on your special day.  This allows you to make arrangements if one of them backs out of your arrangement.

Don’t 8:  Forget to have Backup Plans

Remember Don’t #3 about worrying if things go wrong?  Well one way to minimize the number of “bad” things than can happen is to plan for things to go wrong. For instance, let’s say your photographer does not show up?  Well, maybe you can purchase a number of disposable cameras. You may not have all the professional photos, but you will have a lot of candid ones of your special day.

Don’t 9:  Be Late

Being on time is important for a number of reasons. First, some of your vendors may only be hired for a certain amount of time, and it could cost you a lot to put them behind schedule. Also, it is rude to keep your guests waiting. Yes, it is your day, but there is no reason to make others miserable.

Don’t 10:  Forget to Have a Good Time

After all the planning, the day is yours. Don’t forget to enjoy it. See everyone you want to see and dance to your hearts desire.


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