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Contemporary Trends in Wedding Invitations

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Wedding invitationA wedding invitation is the most important piece of info about a wedding. It gives friends and relatives details about both, the bride and groom, date, time and venue of the wedding. All this info has to be correct. “I, personally had a bad experience. When my wedding cards got printed, little did we notice that the date was right, but the day was printed wrong. It had to be Monday, but was printed as Saturday by mistake. It was only after my aunt noticed this, that, we had to get all the cards printed again”. Such mishaps, like this do happen in between the hustle and bustle of the wedding preparations. This can be dealt with, by organising different people to help distribute such responsibilities. 

“There were times when the parents of the bride and groom had to personally go and invite all the relatives for the wedding, where otherwise they would refuse to come and attend the wedding. Nowadays, everybody is busy and people have started to get over this”, says a salesman from Marvel cards. So, this makes the invitation cards all the more significant. All the invitees would be eager to know about the details of the bride and groom. This is why, the wedding card includes the names and the addresses of the parents too.

“Nowadays, the traditional wedding invitations are only for the relatives and older friend of the parents of the bride and groom”, says a salesman from Novelty cards. Between friends and colleagues, it’s a different trend. Its either e-invites or cards showing that both the bride and groom are inviting them together. “So, we do have lots of to-be-brides and grooms placing orders for their invitations to be made together, as a couple, stating that they both are inviting they’re friends for their wedding”, says a salesman from Olympic cards.

E-invites are easy on time and the pocket. It can be sent to a large number of people at the same time. It’s a lot easier when compared to printing out large number of cards which eventually go unused to a large extent. Beautiful e-invites can be downloaded from various sites., 4N-invite, are a few sites which can be searched for wedding cards, bridal showers, etc. The bride and groom can together create their own website and use this to invite friends, relatives and colleagues. The website and the e-invites can also carry info about the bridal shower, bachelor’s party as well as the wedding.

Wedding invitations are made contemporary now. They are made of different types of materials. There are the standard ones which look like normal invitation cards and are called, ‘foldable cards’ which can be made to orders starting from Rs. 6.50 onwards.  Then, there is a design that can be scrolled out and the matter is printed on it. These scrolls are available from Rs. 20 to 30.

As of now, there are two more designs that are available. There are these cards which have a light, transparent sheet on the top, on which, the matter is printed, and this is made to hang against a darker background which is a thicker card sheet. These cards are available from Rs. 13.50 onwards. Last but not the least are the ‘handmade cards’, which I, personally felt look the most beautiful among the four mentioned here. The handmade cards can be ordered from Rs. 6 and can go upto Rs. 28.

“Inspite of all the contemporary designs that are available now, there are customers who still prefer to go in for the traditional cards”, says a dealer for Menaka cards. This is mainly because there will be grand parents of the bride or groom who insist on this. To make it even more interesting, all of these designs mentioned above can be personally designed by the customers. People with good artistic skills can actually come out with beautiful designs which can be made to order. This mite cost you a little more, depending on the design, but its worth trying it.

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