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Safe and Shine Skin Lightening Tips

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Skin LighteningA dream to have fairer complexion and achieving it is universal between both the sexes. Skin lightening products are popular among Asians, hence in this million-dollar industry everyone have thrown their hats into the ring. Rat race among branded as well as cheap local brands is on. Problems related with hyper pigmentation like spots, freckles, acne scars, melasma, uneven skin tone and other dark areas are common. Relying on lightening, bleaching etc is effective and it has to be incorporated in lifestyle along with other measures so as to bring back the self-esteem. Ways to achieve it are:

Invest on branded potent and safe products: It is incorrect to analyze a product in terms of its price. A product may not necessarily be efficient if it comes with a bigger price tag. The product should be potent and its concentration has to be checked before buying for it. Avoid products concentrated with mercury, hydroquinone and steroid. Mercury is toxic, they poison blood and have capacity to damage body organs. Hydroquinone leads to skin cancer. They are carcinogenic and are banned across the globe. Steroids can thin the skin making it more vulnerable to infections. So ban products constituting these three elements.

Go for environmental friendly plant and herb extract: Arbutin (Bearberry extract), glycyrrhetinic acid derived from glycyrrhizin glabra (licorice) is popular in cosmetic industry. Its anti-inflammatory properties proved it’s UV-B-induced pigmentation. Kojic acid (mushroom extract) is a fungal metabolic product that controls melanin. Its consumption in oral form is beneficial to health. Similarly, papain (papaya extract) and melanostat obtained from amino acid shows outstanding results for skin lightening.

Intake of Vitamins: A daily dose of vitamin A and C makes the skin willowy and svelte and restrains melanin production. There is increase in understanding about the qualitative effects and role of vitamins in human health. Vitamin C is recommended for collagen synthesis as it has qualities to eradicate fine lines and freckles. It repairs the skin and regenerates vitamin E that enables to provide antioxidant protection to skin fibers. Vitamin A source of retinol reduces aging of skin. It rejuvenates, renews and exfoliates skin making it look younger.

Application of moisturizer is a must: The outer surface gets peeled of after bleaching. Make sure that application of moisturizer is not done immediately but after a gap of 10-15 mins. Fresh rosy skin radiates with liberal application of moisturizer. Hydration is mandatory as the new and clean surface soaks up good quantity of moisturizer. The sunscreen blocks the UVA and UVB rays. Both these rays act differently. A sunscreen with higher SPF gives better protection. Parsol (3 % avobenzone), titanium dioxide and zinc oxide should be in your sun block. The latest development is Neutrogena –70, it blocks both the rays.

Most important maintenance becomes part and parcel for any skin preservation and treatment. Remember you’ll experience a better you if you look great. Go intelligently with your skin-lightening course of therapy. Shed discoloration and brighten your day with a dazzling glow.


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    Skin lightening-bleaching cream-skin whitening-fade cream. Don’t bleach your skin until you read this.

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