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Marital abuse

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Marital AbuseThe word, ‘abuse’ literally means, usage of words or actions to bad effect or for a bad purpose. But, in a broader sense, it not only means actions or words, but it can be relevant as silent manners of hurting a person.

“I feel really hurt when my husband keeps on repeating the same issues over and over again. Be it a simple matter or a major one, when it is told several times, I do feel abused”, says Leya who is a home-maker. Her problem is that her husband finds silly issues with all the household chores that she does. “Be it, cooking, cleaning or looking after my 2 yr. old, he’s got something to say about everything. There are times when I’ve felt that I need to just run out of the house, leaving everything as it is because I feel I’ve got no value in being there as a wife to my husband.”
Problems like the one mentioned above, are silent natures of being abusive. If we confront the man about this he’ll have thousands of reasons to defend what he does. He’ll even deny having abused his wife. Previously, abuse was thought of as actions which can only hurt the person physically or sexually. This is often accompanied with a terrible rage of anger too. But, I would say that, any act of trying to purposely hurt a person, is a form of abuse.

Contemporary Trends in Wedding Invitations

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Wedding invitationA wedding invitation is the most important piece of info about a wedding. It gives friends and relatives details about both, the bride and groom, date, time and venue of the wedding. All this info has to be correct. “I, personally had a bad experience. When my wedding cards got printed, little did we notice that the date was right, but the day was printed wrong. It had to be Monday, but was printed as Saturday by mistake. It was only after my aunt noticed this, that, we had to get all the cards printed again”. Such mishaps, like this do happen in between the hustle and bustle of the wedding preparations. This can be dealt with, by organising different people to help distribute such responsibilities. 

“There were times when the parents of the bride and groom had to personally go and invite all the relatives for the wedding, where otherwise they would refuse to come and attend the wedding. Nowadays, everybody is busy and people have started to get over this”, says a salesman from Marvel cards. So, this makes the invitation cards all the more significant. All the invitees would be eager to know about the details of the bride and groom. This is why, the wedding card includes the names and the addresses of the parents too.

Build a healthy bonding with your partner

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Healthy BondingEvery relationship demands a certain amount of bonding between the individuals. This is true in the case of family and friends. But the most demanding factor among the family relations is that between the husband and the wife. Two, totally different individuals take the pledge to live together and to be there for each other in all situations that each one goes through. This needs a lot of give and take too. Only when there is a good rapport between the husband and the wife, can there be bonding too.

“In today’s busy world, where both the husband and the wife are working, we hardly find time to spend with each other”, says Vishal. “There was a time when my wife, Rupali and I could only meet at one of the airports, where we would be crossing paths because that was the only few hours we could actually meet each other in between our hectic schedules of official tours.” Situations like this can actually take a huge toll on the relationship. These situations are unavoidable at times but we should keep in mind that, the time spent with each other is very important in making the bonding more stronger.