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How to manage anger toward a loved one

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Anger managementEveryone gets mad at family members occasionally. Whether you’re irritated by a parent’s interference, a child’s disobedience, or a spouse’s inattentiveness, it’s important to learn how to manage anger before it starts to manage you. The thing about anger is that it often rebounds on those who initiate it.

Get hold of negative emotions before they take root in your heart and grow a cluster of inappropriate actions. A nasty attitude, hurtful words, or a cold shoulder are not the way to resolve differences. Instead, give some thought to trying these suggestions:

Talk it out. If a family member offends you, wait for the right time and let that person know. Sometimes we say things without meaning them, or without realizing their effect on others. Give the person a chance to explain his or her intentions before describing your feelings. Chances are a good, open talk will help to clear the air between you. Choose a private meeting area away from others, preferably in a public place to avoid the meeting occurring on someone’s “turf.” Be prepared to listen long and talk little.

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Teen Anger ManagementI have often wondered why young people are so angry about everything. Young people especially teenagers seem to have no control over this emotion at all. I voiced this thought to my teenaged nephew Rahul. Prompt came his angry reply, “well why shouldn’t we be angry? We are made to suffer from identity crisis by you well meaning adults. When it comes to helping dad in the office we are grown up and should spend at least a couple of hours of our free time at the office. But when it comes to taking dad’s car out we not only have to beg but we also have to give a detailed agenda of where we are going that evening, who we are going with. And as if this is not enough we have to negotiate a deadline.”

Now before we get deeper into this it is good to understand that anger is not a negative emotion. It is normal and natural to get angry sometimes. It helps the system to release stress, anxiety and other harmful stuff. However, if anger is not kept under control and managed well it can have hazardous consequences.

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Divorce: An Emotional RollerCoaster

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DivorceDivorce is never a pleasant experience. The emotions involved before, during and after divorce can be painful, confusing, complex and sometimes frightening.

Picking up the threads and moving on may seem like the most difficult thing to do and requires considerable effort and adjustment. We spoken to people who have had to grapple with divorce induced trauma - people who have emerged triumphant after the ordeal and are now leading more productive, fulfilling lives.

Actress Farha married Vindhu Singh, Dhara Singh’s son at the peak of her film career and happily threw it all away just to be the quintessential Indian wife. When things began spiraling out of control, she opted for a divorce after ten years of marriage. The decision left her with custody of her young son but minus a steady source of income and a roof over her head. She had to start from scratch.

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Surviving Betrayal

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BetrayalThe young woman showed no visible tears, yet, the pain was only too apparent in her large brown eyes. While she had come the previous year for a Tarot reading to tell her about the future of her relationship with someone she loved, this time she was before me because she had discovered that her boyfriend had been married for nine long months – had got hitched up to someone else after meeting her, in fact, and neglected to tell her so. A chance SMS to her boyfriend one day had resulted in his wife calling her back. The nastiest shock of discovering that she even existed had been eclipsed by the humiliation of hearing her advice to ‘stay away’ from her husband.

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Jealousy: The Green Eyed Menace to Married Bliss

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Green Eyed MenaceEver interacted closely with a married couple of over forty or fifty years of marriage? Those of us fortunate enough to have such monumental couples still around us have ample opportunity to observe possible formulae for successful marriages. How do couples manage to stay together for so long, and in such apparent harmony?

In contrast, there is the couple who have just firmed up their relationship two months ago. Lets call them Homme (the man) and Femme (the woman). Every other week, either F is in a sulk with H over the excess time he is spending with this friends, or H is angry that F has been talking too much about her ex-boyfriend, M. The pull and push of their mutual attraction-antagonism continues week after week (extremely tiresome to some of their friends, but intensely riveting for them!). Feeding this cycle is the green eyed monster of Jealousy.

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