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Unlucky in Love?

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Unlucky in LoveThe top relationship struggle fronted by most of today’s women is the dating relationships that have failed because the man pulled away, stopped calling, or just turned out to be Mr. Wrong. Women report that these unsuccessful relationships leave them feeling powerless, mistreated, and sometimes wondering if they are even worthy of love.

Well, ladies, here are some great suggestions to motivate you to toss out your tissues and climb aboard the happiness train! First and foremost, we can assure you that, as bleak as things may seem right now, things will get better. Man or no man, you are in control of your destiny in a relationship. Let’s explore how you can take responsibility for creating a healthy relationship.

To build a great relationship, we have to start by loving ourselves. It is impossible to love someone else, or to be loved by someone else, if we don’t feel worthy of love. In relationships, people tend to attract their mirror images. If you want to attract a self-assured and fulfilled partner, you must also have a healthy self-esteem and a life that works, regardless of where the relationship is headed. A relationship and a partner cannot be expected to fulfill all of our needs. It is important to have a strong sense of who we are in order to bond with a partner without losing a healthy sense of our own worth.

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5 Steps to Defining your Dream Partner

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Dream partnerFinding the right one when it comes to partners isn’t easy, but what usually complicates the situation is that you aren’t really sure what the ‘right one’ is like. If you don’t have a focused idea of the kind of partner you’re looking for, you aren’t likely to recognize them even if you fell over their feet in the coffee shop.

Defining your dream partner isn’t about setting an ingredients list in stone, but rather thinking about the sort of person your ideal partner would be, creating a mental check-list so that you don’t spend a lot of time dating people who fall a long way from that list. Take a look at the following steps and see how easy it is to define your dream partner.

Step 1: What’s the most important attribute that your dream partner must have. Unlike the other attributes you will put on your list, this is the one unshakable thing that your partner has to have. The idea here is that this is going to be something important to you and it will help you to immediately narrow your search down to only the potential partners who have this personality trait or physical characteristic. Remember, this is something that is un-negotiable - something such as a ‘non-smoker’ or even someone who does smoke, or someone who doesn’t have a prison record, or isn’t allergic to cats, or think even deeper than this, the person you are looking for must like and want children (or not!).

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So you got dumped…

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Got Dumped?Some people bunk work, stay in bed, neglect themselves and indulge in a deluge of self pity. Others get the battle light in their eyes and launch themselves on a shopping spree to end all shopping sprees, or (if male) an orgy of workouts, leaving trails of smoke as they tear their way through the gym. Still others turn quiet, cut off from friends, become almost reclusive and touchy.

What do they have in common? They ‘got dumped’ - to put it crudely.

You can read the signs a mile away. “We realised we weren’t ready for commitment”.
“ He had some relationship issues” “She needs to work through her past”…these are all the cool cover-ups to what is really a very painful and stressful situation-breaking up. The thing about breaking up is that it is rarely an equal, two-sided business; usually there is one person being left by the other, whatever the reason. And as common as the situation is, and however much people may use the right words to make it all sound okay, the fact is, that it usually leaves the person who is being left, raw, unsure and downright ego-battered.

So you got dumped. What do you do about it?
To start with, just accepting the fact involves some serious moving on. Once you get past the anger, the tears, the denial, you end up face to face with the fact that someone didn’t love you enough to stay with you. Of course the world has around 7 billion people who don’t want to be romantically involved with you and you don’t care, but this is different – someone who fell for you, chose you, experienced a relationship with you – has decided to opt out. Ouch. But once you face the fact you are halfway there. Next step is to figure why – often people try to make others inadequate…you aren’t attentive enough, you are too hung up on your work, you are too much of a flirt, you aren’t allowing your partner enough space. Some of this could be true, but some could actually reflect the other’s inadequacies – maybe he or she has a problem handling real relationships. Once you think about it in a calm manner, you may even figure out that it wasn’t necessarily something YOU lacked; quite the contrary.

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