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Summer Makeup Tips for Brides

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Summer make upTo look your best on the most important day of your life, you want to make sure everything is perfect, including your makeup. Remember that while the guests will enjoy the entire occasion, you will be the one that has the spotlight. Therefore, you need to look magnificently beautiful. To accomplish this, you can do just a few things so you look natural and refreshed.


There are many types of foundation available liquid, cream, dual finished compact formulas and tinted moisturizer. Foundation should always match your skin tone exactly. Yellow-based foundations work best on most skin types, because they neutralize any pink or red undertones and result in a clearer complexion. Avoid pink-based foundations, which often end up looking too, well, pink on the skin.

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Five attractive centerpiece ideas for summer weddings

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Floating beautyOne way to reduce costs for a wedding is to create the centerpieces yourself. The following suggestions for do-it-yourself centerpieces are easy to make and range from fun to elegant.

Floating beauty

For a night wedding, consider filling low glass bowls with water. Place several floating candles in each bowl, interspersed with gardenia blossoms for a fragrant and beautiful centerpiece. First, select attractive bowls for the centerpieces. Pyrex or other heat-resistant types of glass are the best choices since even the small amount of heat from the candle flames could cause fragile glass or crystal to break; there is no way to keep the candles from lingering near the sides of the bowls. Purchase white floating candles; while all wax candles can float, those specially intended for floating are balanced to stay upright as they move around in the water. Unscented candles are preferable since the gardenias already have a lovely aroma. However, if you select scented candles, ensure the fragrance is mild and will not compete with that from the flowers or irritate guests. Trim the leaves and stems from gardenia blossoms and place them gently on the surface of the water so they will float. Want to add a little color to the arrangement? Add a few drops of food coloring to the water in each bowl and stir before you add the candles and flowers.

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Sunshine Wedding – a summery tale!

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Summer WeddingCome summer, and one phrase that describes it is `Phew – the heat is on’. However, it is not completely fair to berate the season. April is actually a good month for weddings, since it is just right with the summer beginning neither too hot nor too cold. In recent times with global warming and heat going up, this has proved otherwise and many are apprehensive of having a summer wedding.

Technically speaking April heralds the onset of the New Year and also harvest in many states. It is Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh, Vishu in Kerala, Varsha Purappu in Tamil Nadu and Baisakhi in Punjab. It signifies prosperity and bounty everywhere - a symbol of continuity of life.

Summer is definitely a vibrant season with lots of sun and warmth. Even Nature is at it colourful best. With the right setting summer wedding can be made fun and memorable.

Go for bright summery colours like orange, golden, yellow and green contrasted with soft pastel shades in the background to give a colourful picture. Besides looking bewitchingly contrasted, it also looks good to the eye – resplendent.

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