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One Potted Plant

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Child roomIn my childhood, one story that I loved to read from a series of ‘Read Aloud’ books was about a lady who lived alone in a very untidy house. A friend gave this lady a small potted plant of pink geranium flowers. When she wanted to place it in the centre of a table in her living room, she found it crowded with things, and began clearing it up. Then she found her surroundings looking too shabby for the beautiful plant sitting plumb in the centre of her table, so she began cleaning her rooms, painting her walls, getting fresh curtains…the story ended very gratifyingly with her having a beautiful, clean and sparkling house. All thanks to one single potted plant with pink geranium flowers. 

Sometimes, all that it takes for us to become excited about our living space once again is a single, simple object, that by its very newness and freshness, reminds us that we have to improve our environment. Homes being the spaces that are meant to fuel our drive and energy in the outside world, are supposed to be quiet and soothing havens. Often however, space constraints, the differing needs of family members, and sheer neglect due to lack of time have led to a home becoming cluttered, dusty, disorganized, and finally, life-crippling. If you spend over twenty minutes to half an hour each day searching for something as simple as your house keys or your glasses, your home is in need of serious re-organization.

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