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Paper Craft

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Paper craftWhen the mind is your canvas, imagination becomes your brush. There are no limits to creativity except self imposed mind blocks. When you invest time in making a gift memorable it is even more important to choose the right gift wrap. Besides being unique and personal there is also innovation and exclusivity in making the gift stand out – the gift says loud and clear `it’s from you’!

There is a variety to textures to choose from. Kantha Bhattad of Paperage prefers handcrafted paper. She believes “a good handcrafted paper is made from re-cycled paper”, also they are eco-friendly as well as durable.

Kantha specializes in designer saree bags decorated with stones and laces to give a rich look. These bags can be gifted as it is or used to present a gift. She also makes paper wine bags which are in great demand during Christmas. 

Kantha recommends using plain corrugated boards for gift wrapping and by adding a splash of colours it becomes a myriad coloured wrapper. Also by using glitter paint on sand paper one can arrive at a glazed effect and that can be used on an ad hoc pattern on the board to give an ‘appliqué design’ look.

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For that perfect packaging

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Gift WrappingJust as clothes make a person so too packaging does for gifts. Everybody loves to receive gifts and when they are enticingly wrapped it becomes doubly alluring.

When you put so much thought and effort to choose the perfect gift it is even more important to embellish it and make it attractive. After all, what you gift reflects who you are and how you gift wrap it makes a statement of your personality. It is like having a party with great food but using shabby cutlery. Just as there is etiquette for dining, so also there is decorum for gifting and gift wrapping.

Mital Surendra’s Sanskritti is a one stop shop for all your gifting and packaging needs.
From ornate boxes and intricately designed gift trays to handcrafted gift hampers to brocaded jewel boxes to decorative thorans and eco friendly tambulam bags - whatever be the occasion – engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties and baby/bridal showers – you name it and she has it.

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