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10 Incredibly Nice Things to Do For Him

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Watching SportsThere are a number of incredibly nice things that you can do for the man in your life to let him know how much he means to you. Really thinking about his personality and hobbies and personalizing your gestures will demonstrate that you care about him. You will surprise the man in your life with your thoughtful and tailored gestures.

One incredibly nice thing you could do for him is to make arrangement to have his car professionally detailed. Many men take pride in their car and enjoy spending their time to make sure it looks and runs its best. You can let him know that you understand his fascination with his car by making the arrangements to have the car detailed. If you know that he will be out of town for a few days, try making the arrangements for that time so that it will be a surprise for him when he returns. If you are unable to do this in secret, go ahead and let him know about your plans. It’s okay that it won’t be a surprise because he will probably enjoy being involved in the process.

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The Gifting Dilemma

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The Gifting DilemmaOne thing I have generally found quite often in my married and unmarried male friends – when they are wearing a particularly colourful, charming and becoming shirt or outfit, it is one that has been bought for them by a wife/girlfriend/mother/sister. The cobalt blue, or khaki green or vivid red garment may make them look really wonderful, but it is often not one they would have chosen for themselves. Men often tend to shop for the same colours that have served them well – browns, blues, greys and similar dull stuff. Of course, this is changing for the better in today’s fashion and designer influenced times. But on the whole, men who would normally wear dull brown checks and who are suddenly spotted in parrot green are being utter darlings. Dutiful and affectionate towards their female relatives, these men display an endearing trait of accommodating or adjusting behaviour, at least when it comes to gifts received from near ones. 

Which is a lot more than can be said of any ordinary woman. Advertising agencies and marketing men spend crores of rupees showing the expression of a woman whose husband has just bought her diamonds/washing machine/gold jewellery/a new detergent. This expression of delight, wonder, and gratification, must be making a lot of men happy. They must also be getting more determined to see it on their own wife’s face. 

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