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Rules for Rage? You bet!

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communication It may seem weird but the truth is that the same rules apply to good communication when one is not angry, as apply to communication when one is angry! This means that politeness, consideration, sincerity and speaking the truth are important on both occasions. But how is one to remember this when one is in a raging temper - that too at something a partner has done? Can love survive this sense of complete exasperation with the behaviour, approach or habits of another?

Well, it depends…depends completely on how you have expressed yourself in the midst of a flaming row. Words are truly the most hurtful things invented - they can be embedded in the soft flesh of your brain and never get obliterated even by the most pleasant memories. And when they are accompanied by a set jaw, angry stare, flared nostrils - all the body language that conveys extreme fury, the effect is even more indelible. If ever there was a fit case for anger management, it is within an intimate relationship.

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