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Spectacles as Accessories

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Spectacles as Accessories‘Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses,’ the twentieth century American writer and poet Dorothy Parker is reputed to have said. But only a moment’s reflection should have told anyone that she wasn’t trying to say that women with glasses were less attractive, far from it. She was trying to say that few men had the self-confidence to take on a woman who appeared in the least bit ‘intellectual’ ie. threatening to the male ego.
However, the perception that people whose eyes were hidden behind glasses had less sex appeal than those whose eyes were unshaded, continued to be prevalent for a long time, particularly among women. Even those who have quite high-powered prescription lenses throw off their glasses when attending a party. The move to contact lenses, as well as coloured contact lenses, is part of this perception that spectacles lessen sex appeal.
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The Perils of Parking Lots

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Perils of Parking LotsHaving learnt to drive at a mature age, and only in the face of dire necessity, I cannot say that it is one of the things I most enjoy doing. Of course, on a Sunday morning or afternoon, with the roads cleared of excess traffic, it is wonderful to be cruising along in my wine-red car, with the latest hits from ‘Radio Mirchi’ enlivening the moment. But at other times, where the slight slope on a traffic light makes me slide backwards towards an auto only a nano-millimeter away behind me, and the said auto driver begins a furious onslaught with both horn and gunthroat, I feel that driving is the absolute pits. 

I also have a decent collection of scratches on the less than two year old surface of my car – some inflicted by my encounters with tricycle carts, some by my daughter and son’s brushes with other moving objects while they drove. Its obvious that driving around, in the relatively disciplined traffic of a modern Indian metro has never been incident-free for me. 

However, only one situation produces a road-rage so white-hot, so blinding in intensity for me that I have come close to hitting someone several times in the recent past (with due apologies to Navjot Singh Sidhu, the epitome of this particular brand of fury) and that is, the peculiar behaviour of parking lot attendants.   

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First Date Fundas

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First Date FundasEither you have butterflies in your stomach, or you hear music in the air. Perhaps you’re all tense and full of apprehension. Or you want to sing all day. It all depends on what type of person you are, but the occasion that inspires all these different feelings is a very special one – your first date with someone special.

So what do you wear?
The cardinal rule is to be yourself. If you are a flamboyant person but you have heard that your date is a rather sober human being, you can disguise your sparks but not for long! And why attract each other under false pretences? Better to be just who you are, and if the chemistry is good it’ll take care of the rest. Of course, this does NOT mean you should go breaking every rule of decent behaviour. Your dressing must be somewhat influenced by where you are going (and don’t encourage “surprise” locations on this very delicate occasion; better to know exactly where you are meeting and go prepared). If it’s an upbeat, rather posh place, dress with as much elegance and sophistication as your wardrobe permits without anything flashy or loud. If it’s a casual, young hangout, then anything goes, and the more casual the better. Be sure to wear an attractive perfume, something that makes a special statement about you without being too strong. Women should wear really high heels only if they are going out with taller men or are sure the man in question is not uncomfortable with being towered over. Dressing involves a little of making the other person look good too!!

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