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Divorce: An Emotional RollerCoaster

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DivorceDivorce is never a pleasant experience. The emotions involved before, during and after divorce can be painful, confusing, complex and sometimes frightening.

Picking up the threads and moving on may seem like the most difficult thing to do and requires considerable effort and adjustment. We spoken to people who have had to grapple with divorce induced trauma - people who have emerged triumphant after the ordeal and are now leading more productive, fulfilling lives.

Actress Farha married Vindhu Singh, Dhara Singh’s son at the peak of her film career and happily threw it all away just to be the quintessential Indian wife. When things began spiraling out of control, she opted for a divorce after ten years of marriage. The decision left her with custody of her young son but minus a steady source of income and a roof over her head. She had to start from scratch.

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Storage and Belongings – What to Keep

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Storage and Belongings - What to keepMy friend was having a mini-breakdown because he was finally throwing away the cards given to him a few years ago by an old flame who had got married to someone else. Consigning the nearly eight or nine year old cards to the dustbin of history was proving too much for him, and I was busy for a full half hour consoling him on the phone. And yet, how could I pass judgement on him for excess sentimentality? Here I am, with report cards from the time I was in Class V, and the first ‘booties’ and little glass bangles worn by my first born, my daughter, now close to twenty one years old.

What we keep and what we choose to throw away often contains the very story of our life. It is illustrative of what we have chosen to give importance to, and what we have decided is not worth pursuing. “Its three years since our separation, but I still keep finding little things that belonged to my ex-husband, or remind me of him,” says Anahita, who runs a successful catering business. “It could be the odd picture, or some cuff links I remember him wearing on one or two occasions, or an old pair of glasses with ridiculously large frames. I don’t know how these things turn up, but whenever they do, they bring me the familiar dilemma – should I just get rid of them? Should I keep them? Or should I return them to him, even though we hardly keep in touch.”

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