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Haute Trends in Indian Bridal Attire

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Bridal wearWedding is the one time of life when the bride wishes to dress like a princess. But bridal trousseau has also undergone a change. Earlier, it was the bridal lehenga choli designed exclusively by the designers. Nowadays, things are changing and people are going back to the roots.

Designs With A Difference

Bridal trousseaus are no more confined to the once popular umbrella cut lehenga choli. More and more brides are open to experimentation. They are again going back to traditional clothing. Instead of spending a bomb on the designer lehenga choli or even sari, brides are opting for the regional look.

The brides of the day with well toned bodies prefer to flaunt their curves instead of being fully covered. Designers like Ritu Kumar and Sabyasachi believe that the bride should be the brightest of all in the gathering. More and more brides are opting for the Durga and Devyani Pochampally sarees for a chic and gorgeous look. Devyani pochampally usually comes in bright color combinations with intricate zari border.

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Contemporary Trends in Wedding Invitations

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Wedding invitationA wedding invitation is the most important piece of info about a wedding. It gives friends and relatives details about both, the bride and groom, date, time and venue of the wedding. All this info has to be correct. “I, personally had a bad experience. When my wedding cards got printed, little did we notice that the date was right, but the day was printed wrong. It had to be Monday, but was printed as Saturday by mistake. It was only after my aunt noticed this, that, we had to get all the cards printed again”. Such mishaps, like this do happen in between the hustle and bustle of the wedding preparations. This can be dealt with, by organising different people to help distribute such responsibilities. 

“There were times when the parents of the bride and groom had to personally go and invite all the relatives for the wedding, where otherwise they would refuse to come and attend the wedding. Nowadays, everybody is busy and people have started to get over this”, says a salesman from Marvel cards. So, this makes the invitation cards all the more significant. All the invitees would be eager to know about the details of the bride and groom. This is why, the wedding card includes the names and the addresses of the parents too.

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Latest trends in Wedding Jewellery

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Wedding jewelleryEvery woman looks her very best on her wedding day. And what adds to her glowing beauty is the wedding jewellary. The changing times, tastes, globalization and extreme economic scenarios, have all influenced the modern bride’s choice of jewellery. According to Preeti, a young bride to be and a budding fashion designer,” I love the heavy and stone studded jewellery that my grandmother and mother wore for their weddings. I wouldn’t mind wearing that stuff for my big day as well.”

The modern woman shares the same love and passion for jewellery like the older generations. But, she does not like stashing away her jewellery in a vault. She wants to wear it regularly. Besides, western clothes are steadily gaining popularity among the younger generation and heavy, chunky don’t compliment that kind of clothing.

According to Ms. Mala Chinappa, “Today’s woman wants jewellery that can be worn as a fashion statement, everyday. This change of taste is mainly because more and more women are working these days. So, they have more exposure. And the economic independence they enjoy is probably the reason that they are ready to experiment. Besides, inter caste marriages are also becoming commonplace. All these factors have influenced a lady’s choice of wedding jewellery as well. These days people go beyond the tali, six bangles, two rings and the diamond earring which constituted the traditional wedding jewellery package.”

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Wedding Trends Change, but it’s Still the Brides Show

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Wedding TrendsThroughout the years, wedding trends come and go, but most experts in the multi-million-dollar bridal industry agree that this special day remains the bride’s show. With so many bridal magazines, TV shows, Internet listings and specialty shops, planning a wedding might seem intimidating. It’s a good idea to plan ahead and, when necessary, seek advice from the experts.

After all, the bride’s dream-day shouldbe perfect in every way. As the wedding industry continually changes, modern brides do retain some tradition in their plans, said Ana Maria Soler, director of catering and events at the  Golden Ocala Golf and Equestrian Club. “Maybe it’s a toast, or a traditional gown, but tradition is still there in some form.”

An experienced planner and caterer can take a lot of stress out of the planning process and offer selections and ideas to keep a particular budget intact. Let the experts figure out a floor plan that works best for your reception guests. As the wedding date nears, the experts easily manage important details like these.

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Sacrifice and Marriage

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Sacrifice and marriageGiving up something for a higher purpose is a concept that Indians find easy to accept because of the nature of our upbringing. Whether we have grown up with the ideal character of Rama or stories about the Prophet or Jesus, Indians tend to interpret sacrifice as an essential ingredient in becoming better human beings, or even, in carrying out our everyday tasks.

It is such a perception of giving up one’s personal pleasure for the good of the family or community that has made the Indian family stand solid for so long. While things may tumble and crumble for families in more developed countries, families in India have been more close-knit even in the face of consumerism and traditional values being challenged by globalization.

But will we remain close-knit and loyal, ready to sacrifice something for those we love? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, many couples have to struggle with their newly-wed relationship because one or both have many family pressures operating on them.

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